Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Despite the fact that I've known Abby all her life, there are still some times that the way she reacts surprises me. I can remember there being times when I couldn't wait to get together with someone and have them meet my wonderful, sweet, darling, little angel, only to have her behave like a holy terror. I can also remember times when I was absolutely positive that where ever we were about to go was going to be a colossal mistake, only to discover that all my worry and stress was for naught.

Now, Abby seems to lull me into a sense of security, where for a while I am spot on with her reactions to things, and then...BAM...out of nowhere something changes. Sometimes those changes are huge, and other times they are more subdued, but big or small it always throws me for a loop.

Today there was a small moment of surprise. Now, you've heard me talk about Bruiser, but I don't often mention Nan - our cat (did you even know we had a cat?) Abby loves Nan, or as she calls her, "Nam", but Nan is a bit leery of Abby. She isn't as tolerant of Abby's demonstrative attention as the big lug Bruiser is. Normally when Nan hears Abby's "Here, kitty, kitty!", she runs for cover. In the last couple of weeks we'd noticed that Nan had been messing with her mouth. Finally, last week I got ahold of her and took a peek. Frankly, her teeth looked horrible - there was definitely something going on there. Jason took her to the vet and they gave us the news. Nan's teeth were rotting and she needed them all to come out. What?!? Apparently this is common for Siamese cats.

Today was the day that Nan lost her teeth. They actually didn't have to pull all of them out, but most of them are gone. She was all ready to come home after school today, so I decided that I would go get her. On my way there I passed near Abby's school and so I popped in to pick her up, thinking: That would be so fun for Abby to help bring Nan home, she would love that!

Abby was certainly excited to see me when she zoomed out of the classroom, but when I told her that we were going to get Nan, her response was, "Don't wanna Nam, wanna go home." Well, I wasn't expecting that, but maybe she didn't understand what I meant. I tried to explain to her all that had happened to Nan and that she was waiting for us at the vet, but she kept repeating that she wanted to go home, so finally I just told her we would - and we would - eventually, after we got Nan.

I figured once we pulled up to the big red building she'd want to come in and see what was inside, but I was surprised once again. Now, she wanted to stay in the car. Well, that wasn't going to happen. I ended up pulling her (feet first) out of the car and she, with arms folded across her chest, stomped into the building with her meanie of a mom. As luck would have it the receptionist was busy with another "patient" and a phone call, and the beautiful new building had a nice tall ceiling that magnified loud noises. I know this because Abby sat in one of the chairs and complained (loudly) the whole time about not wanting to be there and how she wanted to wait in the car. Finally, I gave in.

As I was waiting for them to get Nan, I walked Abby out to the car, rolled down the windows, and buckled her in. I was able to see her clearly from the window, and she remained in her seat waiting patiently for me. Soon, I was walking out with Nan and Abby was in a much better mood. She proceeded to chat with Nan the whole way home, telling her what a good job she'd done at the vet. All I could think about was how weird it was that Abby (who bawls when she has to wait in the car while I run back in the house because I forgot something) wanted to be in the car by herself. That was something I never would have expected.

Of course today's "surprise behavior" was no big deal, but it made me remember ones that were much bigger, thereby making me very thankful that she just wanted to go to the car - not into the back to explore the inner workings of the office. Hmmm, maybe we are making progress....

Yum! Pretzels!


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