Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Abby's Not So Invisible Friends

I may have used this picture of the girls before, but it is my
favorite! In the fall we all went to the apple orchard - and
got free cheesecake (along with donuts and cider).
Of all the friends that Abby has made near her own age, both at school and at church, there are two that she talks about more than any other - Rachel and Jane. Honestly though, it isn't just Rachel and Jane that have a hold on her heart, Abby also loves their parents. When we want to get her moving and we're heading somewhere where we know they will be, all we have to do is tell Abby that we are going to see them, and boom! she suddenly becomes a complacent child. We've had several play-dates with them, both at their house and at our house, and I love watching (and listening) to them play. Not only are Rachel and Jane wonderfully sweet to Abby, which I appreciate so much, but they treat her like any other kid. This may sound weird, but I even enjoy them fighting (which they've done very little of) - because that's what kids do when they spend a lot of time together. They always get over it and move on, and everything ends on a happy note.

This weekend we got to see them both again, and Abby got to play with them at the party we went to on Sunday. It was Rachel and Jane's car that she so boldly climbed into, and their parents who so generously drove her home - after making a pit-stop for ice cream. As they drove away from the house on Sunday afternoon both girls were yelling their good-byes out the window to Abby - it warmed my heart. Since then Abby has not stopped talking about the two of them. I kid you not, for the last three days the first words out of her mouth are, "Mama, go see Rachel and Jane." The kid has a memory like an elephant because I told her on Monday that I would talk to their mom and set up a time when they could get together, and since then she has been asking me about it. I was able to talk to their mom this afternoon and we finally set a time - Abby will be visiting with them on Saturday - whew!

I told her this great news this afternoon when she got home from school. She was terribly excited. So excited it seems that she couldn't wait until Saturday, because before I knew it she was talking away to "Pretend Rachel" and "Pretend Jane". She has done this before - had pretend versions of her friends over - but tonight ran a bit longer than usual. She gave them orders, she included them in her conversations and games, and they even went with us to pick up a special treat for dinner. Actually, the two of them were pretty helpful when we came home. Instead of coming in the house after me, Abby wanted to run around outside, but we had dinner waiting, so I needed to get her in. After a few, "No!"s that were punctuated by crossing her arms across her chest (so I knew she meant business), I had an inspired idea. I looked over to our front door and said, "Abby, look! Rachel and Jane are coming in to eat, why don't you too?" Her whole demeanor suddenly changed and she said, "Oh, okay, Mom," as she grabbed my hand and headed to the door. Even I was surprised this had worked - but I quickly saw it's potential and used it to my advantage.  The "girls" sat down and ate dinner together and it was at that point that "Pretend Rachel and Jane" must have left, because we didn't hear from (or about) them the rest of the night.

I am so thankful for Abby's friendship with them, as well as the love that she gets from their parents. I try to tell them often how much of a bright spot they are for Abby - and me as well. Good friends are truly more precious than gold. Now that Abby has gotten her play date, maybe it is my turn to start nagging Jason about what we are going to do with our free time. I hear there are some good movies out.....

In the last week or so we've had a new addition to our household - homework, or should I say, Abby homework. Tonight we sat down to read another of her "The" books and I couldn't resist recording her. She did a great job! This does my heart good, I just had to share!

Mom was in charge of "Bus Duty" this morning
because Dad had an early meeting. This was
Abby 10 minutes before the bus was set to arrive.
I was beginning to worry at this point.

But she pulled through and made it out in
plenty of time for pictures....

and some dancing....

And some more dancing. This is her "Charleston"
move, where she's knocking her knees together
and crossing her hands. I have no idea where she
picked this up - but it is amazing. She was dancing
to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" - I wish you could
have seen all of her dance moves!

Abby has a big field trip tomorrow - to the Y for
some swimming! Since I figured her suit from
last year might be a bit small, I ran out after school
to get her this new one. As you can imagine, once it was
on it didn't come off until bath time, and even then
it was a bit dicy. Don't you love the "cheerleader pose"?

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