Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Proud

Today I was very proud of Abby. I had a meeting after school with some of the staff at her school and since there's no other place for her to go, it means Abby had a meeting too. Early in the year I was asked by her teacher and principal if I would be interested in being the parent representative on their school improvement team. I jumped at the chance to get more involved there, and to learn more about where Abby spends her days. We've met two or three times and each time we meet in Abby's classroom so that she can play while we sit in tiny chairs around a kidney shaped table. In the past I've come armed with the iPad and other distraction tools, one time I even stopped off to get a shake in the hopes that would keep her busy. Each time she lost interest so quickly that most of the meeting I was trying to keep her in the room or to stop her from getting every toy in the room out.

Today I didn't have a chance to load up on distraction tools, so I was not sure how things would go. As usual Abby came barreling at me as I walked toward her classroom and about knocked me over in her joy to see me. While we waited for the meeting to start we sat at her desk and went through her papers. It was so much fun to sit in her space and talk through her day. We read her "The" book and drew a few more pictures. She showed me her pencil box and her crayons. Soon, though she tired of that and went to play with the doll house.

As the meeting begun she became Teacher/Abby and plopped herself down in the "teacher" chair by the carpet. She told the class to sit "criss-cross applesauce with hands in your lap" and then started going through the days of the week and other morning circle-time activities. Every now and again she would encourage her "class" by saying things like, "Good job, Paul!" and "That's right, Lilia." This time it seemed I would have a hard time concentrating on the meeting as well, but not because she was being bad - no she was being just too charming.

Throughout the meeting she made us all cupcakes in the play kitchen, treated us to her beautiful dance moves (wearing lovely sparkly dresses from the dress-up box), and even tested some of our juggling skills. I was so proud of the fact that not only did she do a great job of playing by herself, but knew she needed to check with me when she wanted to do certain things, like when she picked up a marker and wanted to draw with it. All I had to do was shake my head, and with a sigh (and I swear there was a near eye-roll) she put the marker back where she got it. I nearly jumped up and gave her a huge hug at that point.

Abby was such a gem for so long that I didn't mind the few moments, when it was time to go, that she exerted her stubborn will - especially considering she'd been there for a good nine hours. So, with the promise of pizza we headed out, me walking forward and Abby walking backward. Yep, Abby walked backwards the whole way to the car - and didn't need Mom to hold her hand or keep her on track, she did that herself, in her own way.

Thinking about all of this makes me realize how much she has grown and matured over the year. I can't even begin to express how happy that makes me - how proud I am of how hard she has worked, and of who she is becoming.


  1. This is awesome!! Way to go, Abby! I know what you're talking about all too well, and it sounds like your little girl is growing up. :-)

    1. Thank you Becca. It's such a double-edged sword isn't it? You want them to grow and become independent, but at the same time you morn the loss of the baby they were. *sigh*