Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hermit Abby

Either Abby is on her way to becoming a hermit, or she is ready for summer vacation. Let me explain. Since Monday, Abby has only been to school one day, and other than short car rides, and that one trip to the fabric store, she hasn't left the house. You would think that she would be ready to get out of here, but every day she has checked with me several times to make sure that she would be staying home.

On Friday when Jason went to work it was, "Don't want school. Stay home, Mama." She was still sick, and therefore she got her wish. When I wanted to go out to get some lunch it was, "No Mama, you go. Abby stay home." Saturday when Jason left to play golf she made sure to check with me that she would be able to stay home, and this morning she told me she wanted to say home and watch T.V. all day.

In an effort to prepare her for tomorrow, we've been talking up how much fun it will be to see her friends (who she calls "her kids") and her teachers, but she was having none of it. Each time we brought up school she would hide her face and tell us, "No, stay home!"

Luckily, Abby is finally feeling better, and she will be heading to school tomorrow - otherwise she may never leave the house! I think that we are all looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, but the promise of summer is right ahead of us, and what this last week has taught me is that I'd better get thinking of some serious summer activities, otherwise come September my little hermit may need to be dragged to the bus kicking and screaming.

Abby the Walrus!

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