Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marvelous Abby

Every now and again I will have these surreal moments when I look at Abby and just marvel. I reflect on the fact that seven short years ago this little girl, who is now such the center of my life, wasn't even here. Sometimes that is hard to get my mind around. Yesterday, after I dropped her off for her play-date with "real" Rachel and Jane, I drove back home and found Jason on the couch watching an actual grown-up movie on the T.V. I had begun to wonder if that T.V. could play anything other than PBS or Nickelodeon  during daylight hours. We'd thought about going out to eat or to a movie while Abby was at her friends' house, but we finally looked at each other and decided that what we really wanted to do was rest at home - so that's what we did.

It was as I sat down for a few uninterrupted moments with my sewing machine that I heard Jason ask from the other room, "What did we do for all those years?" I knew exactly what he was talking about. We were married for six years before we had Abby, and you know - I have no idea what I did with my time. At that point I hadn't started knitting, I certainly didn't sew, I wasn't going to grad school, and I didn't spend any spare time writing....What did I do? The craziest thing is not that I'm sure I had a ton of time to do whatever I wanted, the craziest thing is that I really can't remember what we did with our days. I do remember a class picnic, oh around about my fourth year of teaching, when I was sitting with a bunch of parents who were talking about how quickly time goes, and how they didn't remember what life was like before their kids. I remember thinking: Really?!? You honestly don't remember!? Come on. It seems they were spot on. It's as if the pre-Abby Elizabeth was a totally different person (and in a way she was), who I met briefly and therefore vaguely remember.

Maybe it was those few hours I spent in an Abby-less house yesterday that had me marveling at her today. There were many moments to do that, like when Jason went grocery shopping and we stayed home laughing and cuddling on the couch. She told me she wanted to hear a joke, so I obliged. "How do you make a tissue dance?" I asked, to which Abby said, "Sloppy joes!" and then laughed hysterically. With a punch-line like that, I couldn't help but join in. This reminded me about how much laughter she has brought into this house.

Later, as we were eating lunch, she continued to get out of her seat so she could give Jason hugs and kisses, and tell him, "I love you too, Dada!" At one point I called her over to me and whispered to her that she should hit Dada's kiss button. A wonderful secret smile bloomed on her face as she whispered, "Oh, okay, Mama." She proceeded to go and get kisses from Dada. This had me reflecting on how Abby has multiplied the amount of affection and love in our lives.

Finally, as we were going to bed, and after about a half dozen, "I love you Mama"'s, Abby ran a soft hand across my cheek and told me I had a "cute face". I smiled and said thank you, thinking about how much she has encouraged and lifted me up in her short lifetime.

Yes, there was much to marvel at today where Abby was concerned, and I am so glad that I took the time to do so.

Abby wanted me to take a picture of her in her new dress.
I have no idea why she chose her bedroom door as the
background, but with her standing so sweetly I wasn't
going to argue.

This was her modeling earlier - what a funny bunny!


  1. This writing is a huge gift to yourself, Jason, and Abby....and a blessing for the rest of us, too.

    1. Why thank you Mrs. R. That certainly means a lot coming from you. Blessings to you and your crew!