Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Makes A Great Day

There are particular things that can make a day seem "just right"
from a good night's sleep, to an abundance of sunlight.

But there are certain factors that make Abby's day first-rate,
like starting her morning with a pancake on her plate.

The syrup must sweeten her mood, so Mom can do her hair,
and give her energy to wait for the bus, by dancing without a care.

Miss Cathy's sweet smile also brightens the morn
and starts a fun ride to school with a happy honk of the bus's horn.

At school cooperation is key
for Abby to complete her work, like a busy little bee.

Then a fun time at recess with friends and swings
is followed by school lunch, and all the yumminess that brings.

Before long the school day is done,
and it's time to board the big yellow bus, for more transportation fun.

A good bus report for Mom will include
keeping shoes and socks on, and no occurrences of being rude.

The super day continues when when dinner is "eaten all up"
and dessert is a carmel ice cream that fills up a cup.

Then it's time with Dad, for some cuddles and fun
While Mom takes off, 'cause she's got errands to run.

Then she's home just in time to take Abby to bed,
where instead of sleep, they giggle and laugh instead.

But soon Mom has warn out her welcome and so,
It's Dad's turn to help, so off to dreamland she can go.

And thus ends a day that was splendid indeed
complete with all the elements that a great day would need.

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