Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today, since I am very tired and not sure how coherent my thoughts will turn out, I'm going to present you with a list of introspective questions that are inspired by Abby.

  1. At what point did I stop fighting sleep (Abby), and begin seeing it as a "treat" for good behavior?
  2. Why can't moms and daughters have a more equal distribution of energy? (Under the current system things seems rather weighted in the daughter's favor.)
  3. At what point did I stop thinking that wearing a striped shirt and a flowered skirt, at the same time, is the hight of fashion?
  4. When did my imagination stop working, and cause me to see a tower of Legos as a tower of Legos, instead of a birthday cake with a candle on the top like Abby did?
  5. When did I stop pretending to be a dog in my spare time?
  6. When did I lose the creative power that allowed me to make snow angels on a seventy-five degree day in the middle of the living room floor?
  7. When did I stop being fascinated by watching a dog eat his dinner?
  8. When did picking up my toys stop being something that could reduce me to tears?
  9. When did "No" stop being my most hated word?
  10. When did a sip of water stop being the cure all for everything from a dark scary room to a sore toe?
Some days I would love to trade places with Abby, because as you can see from the above questions, she has way more fun! Today would have been one of those days!

Even though this wasn't taken today, I thought it was
appropriate, since it displays her wonderful sense
of style. This was what she wore on a recent shopping trip.

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