Saturday, May 19, 2012

Catches and Smoochie Bugs

Before I begin tonight's post, I thought it might be a good idea to provide you with a sort of "glossary of terms" so you can better understand. These are taken directly from Abby's Collegiate Dictionary.

catch-es - noun \`katch-əz\ A game developed c.2012 by Abby, that involves the throwing and catching of balloons between the players. The game can be played with one or two balloons which are traditionally red or pink, but any color will do. The game's sole object is to have fun therefore, there are no points awarded, and no time limit on the game. It is over when both players tire of the game. Today we played catches and watched a movie.

kiss button - noun \`kis `bə-tən\ Found inside the nose. It is activated when the nose is pushed and causes a person to give a kiss to the person who activated it. When Dada wanted a kiss, he simply pushed Abby's kiss button.

smoochie bug - noun \`smüch-ee `bəg\ A series of small, quick kisses delivered to the neck and face. Developed by Papa c.2010. Papa swooped in and gave Abby a smoochie bug while she giggled loudly.

Today Abby was on the mend, which was good to see. Except for a few lingering aches and pains she seemed to be just fine. Along with her physical healing, her spirits were back in order as well. She enjoyed a day of playing - making Play-Doh pizzas, drawing colorful pictures, and emptying every toy storage container in the sunroom. By the afternoon though, she was tired of solitary activities, so when she noticed that my lap was free of knitting she saw her opportunity and took it. She grabbed the nearest balloon and clambered up onto my lap. I couldn't resist her when she so sweetly said, "Mama, play catches with me." This game involved one balloon and close quarters as Abby positioned herself on the arm of my chair. I couldn't resist interrupting the game to periodically push Abby's kiss button, after all, she gives the best smoochie bugs. As we batted that pink balloon back and forth we both found ourselves laughing - especially when Bruiser wanted a piece of the action. Around about the fourth time Bruiser went after the balloon, Abby decided it was time to quit, so she grabbed it and high-tailed it into the other room, where she hid it in some folded laundry - so Bruiser wouldn't find it.

She was having too much fun with Mom, so playtime wasn't over. On her way back into the room she spotted her Play-Doh scissors and that sparked an idea. Since Mom had given her a haircut this morning, it was now her turn. She pushed me forward in my chair and set about "doing" my hair. Finally, when my scalp began to protest, I grabbed her and pulled her forward. That's when I pulled out my phone and started snapping away. Abby loves it when she can see for herself the pictures that are taken (surprise, surprise) and so she started really mugging for the camera. I did end up getting some great pictures - despite her goofing around. 

She settled down for a bit when she got a popsicle, but she wasn't willing to give up my lap. She continued to cuddle and laugh with me in between bites, even going so far as to mimic how I was resting my chin on my hand, giggling as she did so. The rest of the evening was filled with singing and dancing, and then it was off to bed. 

I love the fact that Abby and I can enjoy each other and goof around together. She is so much fun and I think we both needed that, after the past couple of days. Sometimes a little silliness is just what the doctor ordered. 

Abby's shorter locks (and rockin' guitar!)

Why, hello, Hollywood!


This is Mom and Abby having a little fun at Dada's expense.
Good thing he's pretty tough!

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