Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Company

I swear, every time I turned around today I had to remind myself it wasn't Friday. I certainly had the tiredness of a Friday, but it was more than that. The kids at school had that "weekend-here-we-come" attitude and everything just seemed slower today - a bit more relaxed. Even when I got home I couldn't shake that "Friday feeling", so when I was saying thanks to Abby's bus driver, I nearly said, "Have a good weekend!" The thing is, I was exhausted, and I had so much waiting for me to get done, I just wanted to crawl into bed and go to sleep. Luckily though, I have Abby.

I usually get a burst of energy when she gets home. Her smile and happiness at seeing me is like a shot of espresso right to my soul, and today was no different, except maybe I needed it so much more. We got into the house and she plopped down at the table, requesting something to eat. The problem was that I'd been cutting fabric for some skirts I'm making for some of my choir students, and I needed every inch of that table. As I thought about ways I was going to distract her until I was finished cutting she started chatting - asking what I was doing, who I was doing it for, basically talking virtually nonstop about what was happening on that table. I answered her questions and laughed with her as she answered mine. Before I knew it, I was finished and had her dinner in front of her. As she ate and I began sewing, we continued to talk and I started to realize that even though I was still tired - I was no longer weary. Abby's wonderful attitude and good company had wiped that away.

Soon Jason got home (with some surprises for Abby - a sparkly cape and some drawing paper and pencils - just because), and as he wrestled with the lawn, I tackled the dishes, and Abby...well she danced in her new pink cape, drew with her bright florescent pencils, and took her booster seat for a walk around the living room (don't ask). As I worked and listened to her, I couldn't help but reflect on those moments earlier when she sat at the table and so effortlessly lifted my heavy spirits. There's a part of me that so wants to press pause and keep Abby where she is, but then there are other times, like tonight, when I see glimpses of the beautiful young lady she is becoming, and I can't wait to have more moments when I am less the mother and more the friend. For now I am thankful for the little glimpses I'm getting, and the fact that tomorrow actually is Friday, because that means I get to spend more time in Abby's good company.

Abby the Multi-Tasker - eating Cheerios, while watching Winnie the
 and drawing with her new pencils. Like father like daughter.

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