Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Movie Run

After a night at Nana and Papa's, a night that was so fun for Abby she decided not to do a whole lot of sleeping, I thought it would be good to head over there relatively early. By noon we were on our way home, and although I had no doubt that she was pretty exhausted, she was in a great mood - all smiles and ready to go home and see Dada and Bruiser.

We had an easy day, staying out of the stifling heat, and enjoying several popsicles, but we did head out at one point to go to the video store. It seemed the day for movie watching, and Jason and I have been looking forward to several new releases. Abby has enjoyed picking out a movie for herself in the past, so she and I ventured forth.

While we drove I made sure to give Abby the low-down on what was going to happen once we got there - and offer a bribe for good behavior. The rules were: stay by Mom, listen to what Mom tells you, and stay by Mom. She did pretty well, and enjoyed looking at all the movies that were on display. There was one touchy moment when she saw the Woody and Buzz bobble-heads, but she put them back ever so nicely when I told her to. She also, in true Abby fashion couldn't wait to show off the movie she picked, Mulan II. She proudly ran up to a young couple and said, "Look it," while she held out the movie. They, very appropriately Ooohed and Aaahed over her choice, and very nicely proclaimed that it was a good one. Abby then looked up to what they hand in their hands and said, "Let's see." She looked at the cover they showed her and said, "Oh nice!" Approvals had been exchanged, and I'd picked out our movie, so the two of us headed to the front to check out.

The stinker!
Instead of waiting behind the counter, Abby kept walking straight through the security point and around to the other side - apparently she was bent on helping the worker take care of our movies. Bless her heart, the employee didn't miss a beat and realized the way to get Abby back where she should be is to enlist her help, so that's what she did.

Soon enough we were out of there, and heading on to the bribe - an ice cream cone, which she enjoyed to its drippy, messy fullest. It was a fun outing and Abby had indeed made a good choice in movies, as she spent the rest of the evening dancing, singing, and fighting right along with Mulan.

Bedtime came quickly, and not three minutes into the song we were listening to, she was fast asleep. Obviously all that fun at Nana and Papa's, along with the evening's dancing, had finally caught up with her. We look forward to tomorrow, as Jason is on vacation for a week, maybe we'll take a few more outings...if Abby and the weather cooperate.
Nothing like a chocolaty smile!

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