Thursday, August 2, 2012

Abby Joins Team USA

I wouldn't classify us as "sporty" people. Sure, Jason likes his baseball and golf, and come college football time we see a bit less of him, but overall sports don't rule around here. So, when the Olympics rolled around, it wasn't huge. In fact it took me a couple of days to even watch the opening ceremonies. Tonight though I wondered if Abby would be interested in watching some of it - especially the gymnastics.

When I first turned them on we were about to be treated to Kayla Harrison winning the gold medal in women's judo. I thought Abby would like this - since she loves Mulan. She did enjoy watching, but it wasn't until I turned on the women's team gymnastic finals that she really lit up.

First came the vault and she was convinced it was her, "Ready. Set. Go!" that got those girls running toward their jumps. She loved the uneven bars and wanted to watch it again and again, but it was the balance beam that got her up and moving.

She took the time to put on her pretend gymnastics leotard and began twirling and jumping on the beam that she imagined laid out before her on the floor. Sure, she didn't quite "stick" the dismount, but she got a huge round of applause all the same. At one point she even pointed to one of the gymnasts and said, "That's Abby. It's my turn."

The whole thing just made me smile and remember how much I loved to watch gymnastics when I was a kid. There is just something so fascinating about it that charms every little girl.

Although she was tired, she didn't want to stop, so she hopped and "presented" all the way up the stairs to her bedroom. As Dada told a bedtime story about gymnast Abby and cheering crowds she wound down. I suspect tomorrow we will be watching the individual "Best All Around", and that she will insist on wearing her red, white, and blue bathing suit - a very appropriate for Team USA's newest member, don't you think?

She told me she wanted the markers to color
her box. It seems that she though her face needed
a bit of color as well.

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