Sunday, August 5, 2012

Envying Abby

Some days I envy Abby - today was one of those days. First off, she bounced back from yesterday's bout of sickness with incredible speed. She was totally and completely herself today. She was in a wonderful mood, ready to play and have fun. She had a healthy appetite, but didn't push too hard when I steered her toward something a bit blander. I, on the other hand, still felt tired.

I also envy Abby's aplomb. Thinking back, I realize that she spent most of the day running around in her skivvies. After playing for a bit this morning in her Fiona dress she didn't feel the need to put her clothes back on when she finally abandoned the dress - and I didn't feel the need to push her. She would periodically put on a skirt (either around her waist or her head), but that was it. The thing is, she was completely comfortable, it wouldn't even enter her head that she didn't look anything other than wonderful - no matter what she had on (or didn't have on, as the case may be).

Finally, today I had cause to envy Abby's imagination. There were several moments when I was sitting on the couch, feeling restless because "there was nothing to do". Abby, in contrast, spent the morning playing wonderful pretend games. She carted around Jack-Jack (from The Incredibles) and at one point came to me with her book bag on her shoulders and told me, "Mama! Jack-Jack's in my backpack!" After further conversations this evening she told me that she was Dr. Abby, and that she fixed rainbows.   Even as I was working on a sewing project this afternoon, she ran off to the other room and told me she was getting her "Jessie Outfit" on - her pretend Jessie Outfit. She then came to me - and so very kindly helped me on with my "Buzz Lightyear Outfit". It reminded me of the morning when she became my Godmother and bestowed on me a beautiful gown, shoes, and tiara - with her rolling pin/wand. Abby is very rarely bored - with an imagination like hers she just doesn't have an opportunity.

Yep, there's a lot to envy about Abby, and today gave me the opportunity to do just that.

As you can see, she found her appetite. 

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