Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Parlour

"The Parkerler! The Parkerler, Mama!"

These were the words that Abby greeted me with first thing this morning. Initially, I was really confused. I knew that Abby was trying to tell me something, but I had no idea what "parkerler" meant. Then she elaborated.

"The Parkerler. Ice cream!"

Oh, The Parlour! Last night Jason made the promise that after work today we would all head out to The Parlour for an ice cream treat. The Parlour is a famous ice cream joint in town. It has a long history in our community, and is well known for the 21 scoop monstrosity known as the "Dare to Be Great", which is free if eaten by one person (and yes, it has been done). Their other sundaes border on the decadent as well, therefore it is no surprise it is a favorite place of Abby's.

I've mentioned before that Abby has the memory of an elephant when it comes to certain things, and it seems that the promise of ice cream is one of them. Throughout the day she would ask if it was time to go yet, and when Jason stopped by the house around lunch to drop something off, Abby was all set to jump into his car and head out.

Finally, finally, it was time and Abby could barely contain herself. Since we were out running errands we decided to meet Jason there. As we waited for him to arrived I told her that she could ride home in Dada's car after our treat. Her response? "Yeah! Let's do this!"

I will say that as much as she likes ice cream, she likes people more. She could barely contain herself as she sat in that booth and paid close attention to everything around her. It was impossible for her to sit still. She just scratched the surface of her yummy treat, but she still had a great time. As I settled up the bill, Abby and Jason headed out. I had to laugh though when on the way out the door she plopped herself down next to a mom enjoying her ice cream and said, "Hi. How are you doing?"

Jason was finally able to pull her away and head out the door, making sure to hold her hand the whole way. Overall it was quite fun to spoil our dinners.

"Yum, Dada!"

Oh, so good.

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  1. Oh, Abby, I love Turtle Sundaes at the Parkerler, I mean Parlour. ;)