Wednesday, August 29, 2012


After sitting here for the last half hour, looking at the blinking line on a blank screen, I have come to the realization that my thoughts are so scattered tonight that I can't really find a focus for tonight's post.

My mind is primarily on Jason, who we thought would be coming home today. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. We both had our hopes up. He'd gotten his PIC line in (for his antibiotics, which he will need to continue on a daily basis for the next 2 to 6 weeks), he'd passed his breathing test (which meant that there was no oxygen tank coming home with us), and we'd even gotten the discharge papers handed to us. The only thing we were waiting on was the chest x-ray, which would confirm that the PIC line was in the right spot. While we waited I packed his stuff up and we talked about how good it would be for him to be home and in our bed.

Soon enough the nurse came in and let us know she'd gotten the x-ray results, and with them an explanation for Jason's breathing issues - he has pneumonia. I unpacked, Jason settled back in, and the nurse hooked him back up to the oxygen - he'd be staying another night.

My mind is on Abby, who misses her Dada. Tonight, after her snack, she came to me and said, "Mama, go get Dada, now!" She is ready to see her guy. Sure, she has had a blast the last two days hanging out with The Carters (Yep, she got to go tonight too - and those lovely people fed both of us when dinner rolled around), but I could see how tired she was tonight. She was a little crankier, and cried a bit more easily. I knew she was really tired when we laid down to read a book and even with the lights on she still fell asleep half way through it. I know tomorrow will be another long day for her away from home and so, I'm praying she gets good rest tonight.

My mind is on school. Last night I had my first "school" dream. This is typical of me. When school rolls around I will usually have a dream (or two, or three) where all the kids show up and I'm not ready to go. Last year I didn't have books for them, this year I didn't have desks for them. We start back on Tuesday, and still my room is as I left it in June. I'm not terribly worried, I know that things will get done, but it is one more thing to think about.

In essence my mind tonight is like buckshot - scattered every-which-way, but that's okay, I've been "scatter brained" before (just ask Jason). I do know that God is not "scattered" and therefore I know that all will work out according to His good and gracious plan, and that is one very nice thought indeed.

Oh Yeah! Abby got ahold of Carter's helmet and glasses.
She just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

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