Thursday, August 30, 2012


With all of the craziness of the past few days I have been so impressed with how Abby is holding up. When I think about the fact that she went from being home for three weeks, doing nothing but trying to recover from whatever was going on with her, to having a 5, 8, and even a 12 hour day away from home, she has done surprisingly well.

Even though Bruiser woke us both up before 6 a.m., she ran with it. I'd barely even let him outside before she was asking for her ballet clothes and pink wig. While I stumbled around trying to make some coffee, she sat in front of the mirror and sang along to what she calls her "princess song" ("Call Me Maybe").

Soon enough I woke up fully and she moved on from the pink wig to the Rapunzel wig - and of course she needed to watch the movie as well. This was great because it let me run around and get things ready for Jason to come home. Before I left the hospital yesterday there was every indication that he would be home today, so I wanted to make sure that things were ready for him.

It was some time durning the morning that Jason sent me a text and let me know that they were checking for a blood clot. Apparently this can happen sometimes when you have an IV. Soon enough I got word, he had a clot - and wouldn't be home. To say I was disappointed was an understatement.

Mugging for the camera with Mrs. Goings. This afternoon they
both needed a break, so they escaped from the fray to Mrs.
Going's office for a Tootsie Pop and some Dinosaur Train.
With that news we put things into high gear around here. I needed to get Abby to child care so that I could head to the hospital and see what was going on. Luckily she cooperated. Once we got to school though she put the breaks on. Thanks to Mrs. Goings (and the fact that Abby found some scissors and paper to cut) she was soon distracted, and I was on my way.

After picking up some contraband (a sandwich from Panera - Jason was a bit tired of hospital food), I was off to see him. I was thrilled to see he was sitting up and perky, even giving his nurses a hard time. After a few visitors though I watched him "hit the wall", so I tucked him back into his bed, and disappointed that he wasn't coming home with me, I left to try to get some rest myself (and to try out the new metal detector we'd gotten in the mail, because when he had his "hand incident" his wedding ring went flying into the grass - it's still there).

It was when I was on my way to get Abby a couple of hours later that I got the news that Jason would be coming home. I turned the car around and was on my way. Now, we are all home, safe and sound.

Abby was thrilled to see Dada, in fact when she got home (thanks Auntie Kir), she told me to wait downstairs - that she wanted to go up and see Dada, "by myself". She didn't want Mom intruding on her time with Dada, apparently.

How nice it is to have us all here. I feel like a weight is lifted and that our house isn't as empty. I'm looking forward to a few days that are a bit slower. We still have things to do, and they will be busy days, but with Jason home they will be lighter and calmer days - at least that's what I'm praying for!

I took this one on Tuesday night. Abby and Bruiser were so
happy to see each other after a long day apart. Abby decided
to play the bongos for Bruiser, but she didn't want to stop hugging
him - so she did both!

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  1. I'm with you, it feels so 'right' when Chuck is home! And Bruiser is a good sport to let her hug him AND play the drums! Cute picture.