Friday, August 24, 2012

Changes in Abby's Diet

In many of my posts my aim is to share Abby's joy, and what an awesome kid she is. Tonight though, I am hoping to find some answers from those of you that know far more than I do.

In the last few days Jason and I have had numerous conversations about Abby's diet. I know that I'm no doctor, but I find it hard to believe that a virus would still be causing Abby's tummy troubles. It has been three weeks, and something needs to change.

Last night we talked about wheat - more specifically could it be possible that Abby has acquired a wheat allergy? We've done research, and seeing that children with Down syndrome are 25% more likely to have an allergy to wheat, got us to wondering. Now, since we are just starting to look into this I still have a whole heap of questions. Like, can these things just "pop" up after years of no problems?

So last night I shlepped out to the store and loaded up my cart with Abby friendly gluten free stuff, and this morning we started our experiment. I'd gotten her some cereal puffs ("Gorilla Munch"), that Abby quickly declared was her "favorite snack", so we had breakfast taken care of. The rest of the day went better than I thought it would. It was surprisingly easy to keep her on a no wheat regimen. Not only did we cut out the gluten products, but we also switched out her milk for soy milk and almond milk. We figured that whatever we did could only help.

I'm happy to say that Abby had a great digestive day. She had no accidents, and no diarrhea. Do I think we found what the problem was, though? I'm not sure. We will have to have a bit more time, and I would like to have some conversations with her doctor, but I'm just thankful for today, and that we may be on the road to some answers.

This is Abby doing one of her favorite things - getting Bruiser
going. This afternoon she decided to don her tutu (around her neck)
and then sing like an opera singer. This will get Bruiser howling.
She loves this.

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  1. Love the Abby and Bruiser duet!!

    Here's hoping and praying you've found the issue with her tummy troubles.