Sunday, August 19, 2012

Abby's View of Work

Abby must sub-conscientiously know that school is right around the corner (a mere two weeks away - yikes!), because this afternoon she insisted we play "Teacher/Kids". This is a game she will pull out from time-to-time, and usually involves me, Abby, and several of her plush friends (today it was the two Snow Whites, Tinkerbell, and Pocoyo). Whoever is the designated teacher will begin with a spirited round of "Hello's" and then move to handing out pretend work, which is quickly done and declared to be "beautiful" by the teacher.

As we were playing today I (the student) started asking the teacher (Abby) some questions. It ended up being a pretty cute conversation. Here's how it went:

Me: How did your summer go?

Abby: Um...good!

Me: What did you do?

Abby: [making an "O" with her hands and bringing them to one eye] I used a telescope.

Me: Really? What did you see?

Abby: Dada

Me: What was Dada doing?

Abby: He was going to work.

Me: What does Dada do at work?

Abby: He colors pictures.

Me: That's it? Dada just colors pictures?

Abby: He draws circles too.

Me: Oh, well, what does Mama do at work?

Abby: Draws pictures.

Me: What do I draw pictures of?

Abby: People!

Me: Wow! It sounds like my job is harder than Dada's.

Abby: Yep!

Me: Well, what does Bruiser do all day when we are gone?

Abby: Comes to school with Abby!

Me: Wait - Bruiser should come to school with you?

Abby: YES!

Me: What would he do all day?

Abby: Color pictures!

Me: How could Bruiser color pictures? He only has paws.

Abby: [Momentary silence while she thinks about that.] Mama's the teacher!

There were so many funny things about this little conversation. First, that all anyone seems to do when they go to work is color pictures - oh, if only, right? I also had to laugh at the end when she pulled a classic "Abby" move. Whenever she doesn't have an answer for something she will immediately deflect. She will also do this when something is hard for her to do. There have been several therapists that have told us that when she doesn't want to do what they ask her she will begin talking about how pretty they are and try to charm her way out of having to do it. She's a smart one, our Abby is.

I tried to steer our conversation back to the question of Bruiser, but she was resolute - she would not be moved. Before long we moved on from our game of "Teacher/Kids", but that little conversation stuck in my head. So, as the weekend winds down, I would like to wish you all happy coloring at work this week - may all you do be declared to be "Beautiful!"

After her bath, Abby decided she needed to get some "work" done.

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