Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One More Thing

A couple of nights ago I wrote about things I admire about Abby - today I discovered one more, so please indulge me as I take tonight's post to add to the list. Today I noticed (and admired) how easily Abby can let go of things. We started the day easily enough, but there were some twists and turns that neither of us expected.

Since I had some errands to run I decided that Abby could do with some time at child care, but at first she didn't agree. She was comfortable and wanted to stay home, but after a bit I as able to convince her that she would have a much better time playing with friends. Wearing her superhero mask she got in the car and told me to drive. We arrived at school to find the rest of the kids out playing on the playground. For some odd reason she was afraid to go play. I walked her down and she stood slightly behind me as I tried to convince her that she would have a great time. Suddenly we heard a cry of, "Abby!" and one little boy came running over to show her the "helicopters" that fell from the trees. He wanted her to see  how they worked and share one with her. That broke the ice and she was off with a, "Bye, Mom" to play. She was over that fear lickety-split, and didn't give it another thought.

I headed off to my errands and along the way met up with a friend I hadn't seen in quite a while. We decided that lunch would be a wonderful thing, so while she ran home to drop some groceries off I finished a few of those errands, with the plan to meet back up in an hour.

It was forty-five minutes into that hour that I got a call from school that Abby'd had a bit of a bathroom accident, I think that the word "explosion" was used. I cancelled my lunch and headed to school. I picked Abby up and we came home for a nice long soak and scrub in the tub. It was later in the afternoon that she looked at me and told me she'd had, "a great day at Mama's school." What?! She'd totally gotten sick all over the place and all she could think about was the fun time she'd had with the kids - playing on the playground. She even asked if she could go back.

This got me thinking bout how often that happens with her - her ability to focus on the good, while I waste time ruminating on the the negative points of the day. I like that about her.

She ended the day with Dada, talking about the next few days, happy as a clam about the fun to come - yep, a great ending to a great day.

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