Monday, August 20, 2012

Pray First

Some days there is a lot of external activity - running here and there, doing errands, playing dress-up, you know, basically trying to keep up with my active 7 year old. Today though, was a day when there was a lot of internal activity, in other words, I was doing quite a bit of thinking.

We got news late last night that Jason's uncle had been in a serious motorcycle accident. At that point we didn't know much. Throughout the night and during the day we got updates. He made it through surgery, he is strong and healthy, and now we wait for his body to repair itself. As yet there are many questions, the answers to which will come in time.

Along with the worry and prayers that were lifted today for him and for those that are caring for him, there was a sense of unease. Frankly, something like this drives home the point that our days are precious. It shakes that false sense of security that I have that tragedy touches other people - not me.

Therefore it should come to no surprise that today was filled with a few more hugs and kisses, and a few less, "I've-got-work-to-do's". Abby was a wonderful reminder to me today that we have a gracious and loving God, because even though she didn't have a clue as to my inner thoughts she was able to lighten them, like when she commanded us all to, "Pray first!" before we ate dinner, and then when she broke out into a song from one of her favorite shows:

Think happy thoughts, happy thoughts,
That's what you've got to do.
Think happy thoughts, happy thoughts, 
And a smile will come back to you.

So I'm going to continue to take Abby's advice to pray first and then to think happy thoughts, and if you would like to join me, our family would greatly appreciate it.

Happy Thought #1: Abby

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