Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dear Billy Joel

Dear Billy Joel,

In a few short years your career will have spanned a half century, I'm sure you can scarcely believe that. I've always felt that you were one of the few artists that remained true to yourself, and who wrote what you felt. Your music stood on its own, and didn't bow to fads. You wrote good music with catchy lyrics, and you proved yourself again and again.

It was "Piano Man" that made me want to learn how to play that title instrument, and I always thought that "Just the Way You Are" beautifully summed up what every girls hopes her love to feel for her. I even remember sitting in my room with my tape recorder and painstakingly listening to "We Didn't Start The Fire" in order to catch each of the lyrics you so quickly blasted through. In short, I have always liked your music.

In the years you've been a musician you have received many awards and accolades, and I'm sure thousands of letters from fans, but this letter is not to tell you about my love for your music, but about my daughter's.

Each night, as Abby lays down to sleep she requests one song more than any other - "Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)". The simple tune, that is so beautifully sung by your soothing voice, settles her right down. With the opening strains she snuggles in and begins to breathe deeply. Sometimes she will ask me to join my voice with yours, but other times we both will enjoy the simplicity of the song by only listening, and most nights she doesn't even make it through the whole song before she is sleeping soundly. After a week of sickness, Abby has been through the wringer, and so tonight, as I sought to ease her pain and calm her tired mind I laid her in her bed, covered her up, and turned on "Lullaby". I rubbed her tummy as your voice filled the room and she soon settled into a peaceful sleep.

So, in short, I want to thank you for your beautiful song, and the comfort you give to my little girl through it. This mother is truly grateful.

Abby's Mom

Yep, they're buddies alright.

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