Monday, August 13, 2012


Worry - what an absolute waste of time and energy - and yet sometimes I feel like by worrying I'm at least doing something when things are out of my control. Worry seemed to pop up around every corner today, and when I least expected it. Most days I can tell it to take a flying leap, but today was different. Maybe it had to do with the way the day began.

At six a.m. Abby once again got sick, and while it wasn't in her bed, she still didn't quite make it to the bathroom. (This morning I was thankful that the upstairs hallway is hardwood, not carpet.) Today is day 10 of her being sick, and I feel for the little peanut. As soon as I could I called the doctor and asked if there was anything else we could be doing. The answer was not encouraging. Apparently this stuff can hang around for up to three weeks - three weeks?!? 

My worry about her getting better turned into frustration and another "w" - "Why?" Why does this stuff alway seem to happen to Abby? Why can't she just get better? Why does everything have to be so difficult?

The whole day wasn't a great big pity-party, but I had to watch myself, least I fall back on those "Why's". In my better moments I did come up with some plans on how to help her out in the long run. I ordered some new vitamins and have some grand plans for healthier meals for all of us. Since I can't possibly follow her around and tell her not to put her fingers in her mouth, we need boost her immune system.

Besides the dashes to the bathroom, Abby really had a good day. She was her sweet self and flashed a lot of her beautiful smiles. So I'm going to focus on that and reflect on the good of today, letting Abby wash my worries away and keep learning to take one day at a time.

Abby treated me to a song today.

I loved her smirk here.

Abby decided that she needed a bit of a
rest, so she made herself a bed and took a
thirty second power nap!


  1. hope she is better soon and you and Jason don't catch it!!

  2. Poor thing! I hope she's better soon!