Thursday, August 16, 2012

Funny Girl

Since there were several times when my little darling got me laughing today, and with all my complaining about sickness (which is still going on - but not as fiercely), I thought it might be time for some Abby humor. So let me fill you in on some of the funny and charming things that Abby did today.

Bath Time

This morning, since Jason didn't have any pre-work meetings (Did you even know those existed? They do.), we were able to enjoy him a little longer. The three of us snuggled into our bed, with Abby sandwiched between the two of us, and Jason and I took turns telling Baby Abby stories. As Abby listened to my story she would turn on her side to me, but when it was Dada's turn, she would flip over and give him her attention. It was a fun time. 

Having started our day this way, Abby had the story of how she would take baths in Nana and Papa's kitchen sink fresh in her mind. After lunch she came to me while I was doing something in the kitchen and so sweetly looked up at me. I couldn't help it and I gave her a hand jumping into my arms so that I could give her a great big hug. She gave me a wonderful Abby-Squeeze (which are the best ever because she wraps her whole self around you - splendid!), and then she leaned back, looked at me, and said, "Bath, Mama."

"Sure, you can have a bath," I replied, "let's go!"

"Wait!" she continued, "in the sink. A bath in the sink," she finished as she pointed to our kitchen sink.

That's when I stared laughing. Although she is small for her age, there is no way she would fit into our divided sink. She was completely serious, but soon forgot about her idea - she was too busy trying to get me to stop laughing.

Pie in the Face

One of my all time favorite movies is Singin' in the Rain. I grew up half in love with Gene Kelly, so anything with him in it was brilliant, but paired with Donald O'Connor made this one even better. If you have never seen O'Connor perform "Make 'Em Laugh" you have missed out. Abby loved it as well. I won't tell you how many times we had to watch that song (I lost count), but by the end of it I had to stop her from running up walls and flopping dramatically on the floor.

The funniest moment though was earlier in the movie. There is a scene when the female lead (Debbie Reynolds) is trying to hit Gene Kelly with a pie. In true vaudevillian fashion he moved out of the way just in time for the annoying female antagonist to get it in the face. I laughed, of course, but Abby got mad. She balled her fists, stopped her foot, and yelled, "Pie in the face - NOT NICE!" She was honestly really mad at the character. To her, hitting someone in the face with a pie is just not something that nice people do. I had to cover my face for this one - lest she turn her ire on me for laughing at her.

Goin' Fishing

Last week, in an effort to add some spice to the bland food that Abby has been eating lately, I came up with a fun game. I filled a bowl with small pretzel rods and Goldfish crackers. I then taught her how to use the pretzel rods to "fish" for the Goldfish. We cast the rod, then felt a tug and hooked our fish. Next, we reeled that yummy treat in, and finally we enjoyed the catch by eating both the fish and the rod. It worked, she thought it was a fun game and ate her snack. I assumed that the game would last for a few "casts" but that eventually she would give up and just eat her pretzels and Goldfish. Well, tonight I gave her the same snack and I watched her fish for each one of those crackers. What made it even funnier was that she did it without any fanfare - without any requests for me to watch. She just sat quietly, with her bowl on her lap and watched T.V., casting and catching as she did so. 

Here she is casting, reeling, and enjoying her catch!

Today we took a field trip to the fabric store.
This is always dicey, but Abby was an
absolute gem - and cute as a button to boot!
I needed something to do today, so I decided it was time to make Abby a new dress. She was thrilled to try it on, but
not so thrilled with the number of pictures it took to get just the one Mom wanted. In the first picture you can see she is mad at me (arms folded, because this was the 7th picture I'd asked for), in the next picture the goof came out and she started "modeling", and in the final frame I got what I wanted, but didn't bargain for how old she would look! 
We had a fun day, and I hope these few snapshots of our funny girl made you smile!

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