Monday, August 6, 2012

Calling Abby

Abby loves the phone - so much so that whenever I'm on it she follows me around and tugs on me yelling, "My turn! My turn! I wanna talk!" until I finally hand over the phone so she can chat. Now, usually that isn't a problem, since I don't often take "business" calls, but it can be a little much. Jason has finally gotten smart, and leaves the room whenever his phone rings.

Today she pulled the same thing when we were in the store. A friend had asked me to make her something and I wanted to get going on it, so that meant a trip out. While we were there I called my friend to ask her a quick question about fabric colors. Abby, sitting in the cart in front of me, whined, pulled, and generally became a stinker until I handed over the phone. Luckily, Ann is an Abby fan and they had a nice quick chat before Abby finally handed back the phone.

For Abby, the phone doesn't even have to be real. This afternoon she handed me one of her shoes and instructed me that she was trying to give me a call. She stood with one shoe to her ear, propped up by her shoulder and with hands firmly planted on her hips, and chatted with me about how her day had gone. I tried to convince her that I had my headphones in - that I didn't need to put the shoe/phone to my ear, but she wasn't convinced. She waited not-so-patiently until I put that red sparkly shoe to my face and had a quick chat.

Later in the evening we decided that she needed call a real person, so we gave Nana a ring. I hit the number and handed off the phone. She listened to the rings and then set us both to laughing when she responded to Nana's, "Hello?" with, "Hi! It's me - Abby!" We weren't expecting that, and it still had us laughing well into the night. It was just so cute. She had a nice chat with Nana - asking if she could take a swim up at the cottage this weekend, and then with a quick, "Bye! Love you!" and a kiss on the screen, I finally got my turn to talk.

Yes, Abby sure does love to talk on the phone, so if you happen to call me, don't be surprised if you get a, "Hi! It's me - Abby!" at some point, because sure enough she'll want to talk too.

Chef Abby cooked up an amazing pretend
meal for me this afternoon. We had lemonade,
chocolate milkshakes (with sauce), and even
some soup. It was some of the best invisible
food I've had in a long time.  

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