Thursday, August 9, 2012

Being Flexible

The plan today was that we would pack up and head out for a nice extended weekend at the family cottage. We were all looking forward to it. Frankly, we are in desperate need of some family time away. Abby was excited about the prospect of swimming in the lake, Jason was looking forward to some fishing and boating, and I was excited about a change of scenery. The fact that we haven't been to the cottage all year made us all the more anxious to get there.

Abby started our day early, she was raring to go at 6 a.m., but she seemed to still have a sour stomach. We made the plan that we would spend the morning straightening up the house, getting some laundry done, and then maybe head out in the afternoon, if Abby was feeling better. Unfortunately, as the day went on she didn't seem to be getting better. Mid-morning, when she had an accident, we were very thankful that we hadn't decided to do the three hour drive to the cottage, now that would have been horrible.

We changed our plans and began talking about things we might be able to do around home, if we never did get Up North. You might think with the delay, and possible cancellation, of our family get-away we'd be bummed, that the mood around the house would mirror the rainy, dreary weather of the day, but it didn't. We actually had a very nice day.

We were able to get some work done around the house (which felt really good), and find time to relax as well. Abby was in a great mood, despite everything, and enjoyed a low-key day of playing. Once again we are learning that it pays to be flexible.


Another one of the pretty girl.

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for our visit, Abby spent
time reading a book to her dolls.

Then she decided to take a nap with them - apparently I
take too long getting ready.

Today Abby enjoyed some quality time with The Lorax.
It was so fun to hear her giggling along with the movie.

She loved the headphones!


  1. I am *totally* in LOVE with her little blue/floral dress in the top pics - where did you get that?

    And yes, being flexible is a mantra these days. Trying to keep from throwing in bribes to keep Samantha flexible, and so far she's been going with the flow. :-)

    Btw, when did she lose her top teeth? Just wondering when I should start feeling for wiggly ones in Sammi's mouth. She's lost her 4 bottom front teeth over the last year, but none of the others seem to be moving just yet.

    1. :-) Actually, I made the dress Abby is wearing. I got the fabric though at Joann Fabrics.
      Sometimes I feel like we brib her to do everything! She certainly is spoiled - but hopefully not rotten.
      She just lost her top teeth about 2 weeks ago (and she's almost 7 1/2). That's interesting that Sammi has lost her four bottom teeth. Abby only lost the two middle ones before losing her top two. It's funny but so far she is losing her teeth in pairs. They come out within days of each other. :-)