Saturday, August 4, 2012

We've Been Here Before

You know, there have been many days since I began this blog, that I've thought: That was a great day, I wouldn't mind reliving that one again - like the when she lost her front teeth or the day we went to the movies - those were really great days. It seems though that the one day that we keep having to "relive" is not one of the good ones. In fact, I went back and counted that we have had a day similar to today twice (although is sure seems like more than that) before, so maybe we can stop at a three - a nice complete number.

Here's how it went. Once again we were up around 3 a.m. - Abby was sick. It was the second round of throwing up and diarrhea that sent Jason to the store at 4:30 a.m. We did have a stash of sick supplies (see, we are learning), but they were getting low, and it was becoming obvious that we were needing to hunker down for the long haul. In the time he was gone she was sick a few more times and by the time he got home we'd moved "base camp" downstairs.

Poor Baby!
Around about 9:30 a.m. I felt like it should be noon, and considering that we'd started our day six and a half hours earlier - it should have been. Abby was still not able to hold anything down, and when I carried her limp little body back down from another "clean-up" trip to the bathroom, my heart ached for her. She finally found some sort of comfortable position on my lap and fell asleep - for a good five minutes.

On the way home from a meeting, Jason stopped and got some things that might lift Abby's spirits. This was a great idea, after all, I remember many a paint-by-number or coloring book when I was laid up on the couch with some saltines and warm pop, this would be great for our little peanut. I will say that Jason really does it up right. He came home with bags of goodies just for Abby. A new Barbie, some new markers, a drawing pad, a huge box of crayons (a 96 count box that had me itching to organize them by color - I'm just weird that way), a movie, and a tub of Play Doh with number stamps. He certainly had her in mind when he loaded up his cart - and as you can tell, the sky is the limit when his little girl is under the weather.

The Barbie and the movie perked her up and seemed to be the turning point. Soon enough she could hold her liquids and was ready to venture off my lap. All the while she laughed at the Pixar shorts that were playing on the television, and colored with her new tools, I couldn't help but be in awe of the fact that she was still standing. I was barely lucid and all I was missing were a few extra hours of sleep. This poor kid had a sour stomach, a sore bottom, and was on the verge of dehydration, to go with the lack of sleep, and was still going strong. Where did she find the energy or strength?

We tried to have her rest, but sleep was elusive. Jason and I both tag-teamed and got some rest, but Abby beat us both. As I write she is still laughing at the TV and playing with her Play Doh. Despite that, I can guarantee that it is going to be an early night for all of us. I expect her to crash at any moment.

Feeling better. 
She certainly is a trooper, and only lost it a few times today when I had to tell her that pizza was not on today's menu for her, and whenever we had to make sure she was all clean after getting sick. I wish I knew if this was something food related, or a result of the habit she has of putting her fingers in her mouth, but I don't. Whatever it is, I hope we are thorough the worst of it and that I can find ways to make tomorrow's bland diet sound appealing.


  1. Oh, Abby, feel better. Try and keep those fingers out of your mouth. That will help you and your mama. See you in September.

    1. She's much better - thanks! We continue to work on the fingers - I'll pass on that Mrs. Currie wants her to keep them out of her mouth - maybe she'll listen better to you. We are looking forward to September. ;-)