Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Phone Dump - Take Two

Today our day will be told through pictures.

We heard that Abby's pen pal is getting glasses - pink glasses
just like Abby. So we set about putting together a picture to
send her. Abby decided that along with the glasses, their hair
should be pink as well.

This morning Abby wanted to play hide-and-seek. The problem was she is
a chronic "peeker", that and Bruiser followed me around and totally gave me
away. At one point Abby went for the "hide in plain sight" strategy, by climbing
into the clean laundry basket and hunkering down - it was the giggling that
gave her away.

As a reward Abby told me she had a surprise for me. She
went to the closet and found Jason's removable cast, then
presented it to me with a big, "Surprise!" She then decided
she needed to go see Dr. Mama. The poor thing.

We decided that making some chocolate chip cookies would
be fun for an afternoon activity. When I pulled down the mixer
she got ahold of the dough hook and immediately declared
she was a pirate. With an, "Arrrr" she started "attacking" me.
On another note, notice that she chose to wear her USA
bathing suit - in celebration of the gymnastic gold!

Abby tried out the cookies - they were mmm,
mmm, good!

We ended the day with a tub-o-popcorn and a movie. As you can see
she is enthralled - or zoned out from an active day.

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