Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Fabulous Day!

You know, there are some days when I sit down at my computer to write my nightly post and I have to really concentrate to think of something I can write about. It is in those moments that being a writing teacher really helps. I will often remind my students that you don't only have to write about the "big" things, that sometimes a moment is much more interesting. Today though, coming up with something is not going to be a problem - in fact, the problem may be that I have too much to write about.

It started as any ordinary day. It was a "stay home" day so jammies stayed on extra long, and Abby was able to enjoy a nice two course breakfast (French toast sticks and a popsicle - that's just like juice, right?) Then, since I had some work to do, I figured that Abby should be getting back into practice as well. I pulled out a dot-to-dot and we sat at the table working together. That didn't last long, because before long she decided it was time for a show, so she pulled out her guitar, her microphone, her stand, her mirror and a few chairs, and had herself a little jam session. When she'd played just enough to leave the audience wanting for more, the chairs turned into a bus that took her all over town. As I took a break, and Abby "arrived" back home, I noticed that her tooth was particularly wiggly. We've been working on that thing for a few days, but I haven't pushed it, even though I wanted to give the thing a good yank. Finally, she was in the mood to let me at it, she even told me, "I've an idea!" and ran to the kitchen. She came back with a spatula. I have no idea how she thought she would get her tooth out with a spatula, but I gave her points for trying.

It was while playing dentist that I finally got a good grip on it and as she pulled her head back, tired of my fingers in her mouth, the tooth came out. Oh, she was excited, and throughout the day I saw her wiggling her other front tooth - anticipating another "outage".

We took pictures and sent them to Dada - happy to share our news. This was a big one, especially since the first two teeth that came out she actually lost - as in, we have no idea what happened to them. We put her tooth safely in an envelope and took off for the toy store. See, around here the Tooth Fairy works on direct deposit, so we already had the "funds" that were due her for the tooth. She talked a good game about getting a Barbie, but she has so many of those, I tried to think of something else I could encourage. It was once we got there that I found it - a ballet dress and a beautiful pink wig. She could barely contain herself in the car and asked over-and-over again when she would get to put her dress and hair on.

She cheered when we pulled in the driveway and popped out of the car, with no battle at all. I have to say that her whole "get-up" was fabulous! She was glued to the mirror and kept telling me that she looked just "like a Barbie!" She topped off the outfit when she added her heeled "dancing shoes". I know she was wearing a crazy pink wig and plastic shoes, but I couldn't get over how old she looked. Luckily, Dada got home before the wig got too itchy, and she was able to strut around and show off her new duds. Jason was suitably impressed.

Eventually she moved on to something else and the wig came off. She told me that she would wear it tomorrow, "after sleep". Then the ballet dress was next, and soon she once again looked like our Abby. We capped off a great day by playing Barbies. Before long she turned to me and told me she was tired, and apparently she wasn't joking, because within minutes she was fast asleep. I suppose that losing a tooth and being a diva will do that to a girl.

Singing her heart out! By her shoes you can tell
 that she's a little bit country, and a little bit rock n roll.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that the wig
came complete with a sassy attitude - that was
free of charge. 

Oh yes, the heels really do complete the look.

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