Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today I felt immersed in Abby's sweetness. It began this morning when Jason asked me to run to the store for him. See, he's either had a nasty case of food poisoning, or a yucky flu bug. No matter which, he's been pretty sick between yesterday and today. So I got ready right away to head to the store for some "sick supplies". Abby wanted to go with me and so we both buckled up and headed out. The whole way there she talked about what we would get so that "Dada would feel better."

Lucky for us we went to a store that has those fun car-carts. She picked the fire truck and I maneuvered that big hulking beast through the store. She did make one request for herself - bacon. We got everything quickly since there aren't too many shoppers at 7 a.m., and Abby even got out of that cart with a minimal amount of arguing. As we went into the house she wanted help carry bags and take them right to Jason. As she proudly handed off what we'd bought to him she said, "Here, Dada! All better now!" Isn't that sweet?

Later in the evening Abby was quiet and keeping herself busy. I was working on a project and every once and a while I would go out of the room. That's when she would suddenly yell out, "Wait! Don't leave me!" and she would come running to find me. She just wanted me near. I didn't have to be entertaining her - I just needed to be in her sphere. Sweet.

There were other moments as well, like when she looked at me and told me she'd had "a great day" or when I overheard her tell Jason, "I love you too, Dada. I hope you feel better," as she gave him a big hug. Yes, it was a day when she really showed what a truly sweet-heart she has.

Look at that sweet little face (not the balloon under her shirt)!

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