Friday, July 27, 2012

In a Nutshell

Since I've spent the day glued to my computer, writing a twelve page paper and doing a summative PowerPoint presentation, you will have to forgive me if tonight's post is a little "light". The fact of the matter is I've had enough screen time today to last at least a week. So I'm just going to sum up the day with a few bullet points.

  • Round about three or four a.m. Abby woke up and wanted to cuddle with Mom and Dad, so the three of us were smashed in our bed until about 7 a.m.
  • Upon waking Jason made the discovery that somewhere between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. Abby had lost her other front tooth.
  • Mom trotted (more like plodded) up to Abby's room and discovered the lone tooth in the middle of her bed - just waiting for someone to come along. 
  • It was a work day for Mom, so Abby was off to child care - which she was all too happy about.
  • As soon as her feet were out of the car she was off to the playground - never looking back.
  • Apparently some time during the day her shirt got some milk on it. She proceeded to take it off and her skirt soon followed. The child care worker told her she couldn't run around in her underwear and Abby's response was she can at home. (of course!)
  • Mom came to pick her up and Abby didn't want to leave. 
  • The school was having a book sale and the lovely ladies manning the check-out table were a captive audience for Abby. While sitting on one of the lady's laps Abby told me, "Don't wanna Mama. Don't wanna home. Go!" as she pointed me toward the door. 
  • The trick of "Okay Abby, I'm leaving without you," has run it's course. She no longer believes the lie - I will now need to devise a new plan.
  • After a half an hour of trying to cajole her to the car I finally grabbed her and headed out. (Note to self: telling her to fly like a fairy and tickling her side as she is planking in my arms turns her mood from sour to sweet.)
  • She got pizza for dinner, and two popsicles for desert. 
  • She washed the grime away with a nice warm bath. Tonight's bath toys of choice? Balloons.
  • A manicure is what got her out of the tub and she requested blue and pink polish - so that's what she got, alternating blue and pink nails.
  • She spent a fair amount of time playing with a deck of cards, first laying them out in a straight line, and then practicing her shuffling skills. 
  • Finally it was off to bed where she got Mom laughing with one of her impressions, and then it was tough to settle her back down because she was now in "performance mode". 
  • Mom got mad - Abby got sad.
  • Abby apologized - Mom felt like a complete heel.
  • Hugs and snuggles were exchanged.
  • Abby fell asleep in Mom's arms.
So there you have it, Abby's day in a nutshell!

Abby has discovered that fun song "Call Me Maybe".
I was trying to teach her the "Harvard Arm Moves".
Here she is trying to follow along.

Here she is noticing herself on my phone.

And here is her grand finish!
What a nut!

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