Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Being Silly

Have any of you have seen the recent car commercial with the kid following his neighbor around and asking him all sorts of questions? Well, that would sum up Abby of late - full of questions. The thing with Abby though is that instead of asking all sorts of random questions, she sticks with a few tried and true ones like, "Where'd Dada go?"or "What are you doing?" and the ever wonderful, "Why?"

Not only does Abby stick to the same three or four questions, but she asks them over and over again. Case in point - this afternoon. As a reward for getting some homework done I set to work finishing up sewing a bag that I'd started last night. I still had a few pieces of fabric to cut, so as I cut Abby watched and we chatted - well, she asked and I answered. Her question of choice today was, "What are you doing?" I must have told her at least thirty times what I was doing, but she just couldn't get enough. I even tried the trick of turning the question back on her ("Why do you want to know?" or "What are you doing?"), but I have to give her credit, she wouldn't be sidetracked.

Finally, I think I growled and said, "Abby if you ask me one more time what I'm doing...", and hoped that my implied threat would stop her. All this served to do was make her laugh. Yes, my little angel, who was sitting across from me cutting away on some fabric scraps (so she could "be like Mama"), laughed and told me I was silly - that I was a goofball. That's when we stared arguing about who was the biggest goofball of all. By the end of it we were both laughing and all the questions were done - it was a win-win. Later we went upstairs and had a much bigger laugh-fest, with both of us being very silly indeed.

As I reflect back on those moments, it isn't the maddening questions I remember, it is the fun we had as a result of it. I love that I can have this time with her. I love the fact that I can be as ridiculous as possible and she thinks it's great. I love that she can get me laughing so hard that I can't move. I love the fact that she has fun, and that she gives me a chance to just be silly. In the end I'll take all the questions because it means she's curious and she's interested, but now I have the key to get her to stop when she goes overboard: being silly.

Speaking of "Being Silly". This was Abby this morning - with
a balloon up her shirt. I have no idea why she wanted it there, or
why she ordered me to take her picture - but there you have it.

Abby decided to wear my sweater while we
watched a movie and ate popcorn. She can
polish off a bowl of popcorn like nobody's business.

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