Sunday, July 15, 2012


You will have to forgive me tonight, but due to a lack of sleep I'm going to rely heavily on pictures for tonight's post, although if you were only going by pictures you would think that all we did today was eat - because those are the only pictures I took of Abby. (I have no idea what I found so fascinating about her eating habits, but as I scrolled through the day's photos that's what I found.) Granted, Abby is a bit of a "grazer" and would happily spend her days going from one snack to the next if we let her, but I guarantee that's not all we did today.

We stopped by to see Nana and Papa, and since a big plan was to go fabric hunting, we left the boys (Dada and Bruiser) at home. Luckily we got there on grocery shopping day, and Papa just happened to have picked up a wonderfully juicy watermelon. Abby pulled up a chair and situated herself perfectly for easy access to the great bowl. Finally, I had to cut her off - I think she could have easily eaten that whole thing - and at the rate she was going it wasn't going to take her long.

We hit a minor glitch when the power went out, for some reason, but that didn't stop Abby. She still got a lovely bath (in about 3 inches of water because the electric water pump wasn't working), and some book time with Papa. We all decided that it might be fun to take a trip out together. Papa and Abby drove around, while Nana and Mom popped into the fabric store for a quick (yeah, right) shopping trip. Even though it took a while, I think they still had fun. Papa was giving Abby a crash course in baseball, as they both listened to the Tiger's game on the radio. By the time we were finished Abby (and Papa) had earned that ice cream treat she'd been promised. 

Finally, we loaded up and got in the car to head home. It was getting late, and would be well past her bedtime by the time we got there, but that's one of the benefits of summer, right? I heard some suspicious yawning from the backseat during our drive, but each time I asked her if she was tired she let out an emphatic, "No!" We did have just enough time for a small snack (some pretzels) before bedtime, which took no time at all, after the busy day we had. 

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