Monday, July 16, 2012

A Dinner Out

Usually when we are looking to treat ourselves to a meal out we get it to go. In fact, I can't remember the last time we actually went to a restaurant and stayed there to eat our meal. Part of this is because we are just a bit more comfortable at home. You can't (or at least you shouldn't) kick off your shoes in the middle of Applebee's, or wear your jammie pants to Olive Garden. The largest part of why we get it to go is because when you have a little one, who has a difficult time sitting still, it is just easier.

If you read yesterday's post you know that Nana and I went to the fabric store. I've been having some fun sewing some bags lately, and she was looking for something she could use for the gym. I found a great pattern and so all that was left was to find some fabric. She picked out a cute floral pattern and I was so excited, I got going on the bag this morning. Abby was wonderful today, and while she had a great time playing I was able to knock that bag out. All that was left was figuring out how to get the bag to Nana.

I had the bright idea to meet up with them halfway and have dinner out. I figured that I'd have a couple of reinforcements when it came to wrangling Abby, and I counted on the promise of dessert to help her behave. So, with my bag filled to the brim with books, Barbies, and puppets we forged ahead.

Actually, Abby didn't do so bad, the "problem" is that Abby is just too social. She wants to visit with everyone. When we all walked in she saw her chance and ran to join one of the servers who was enjoying a quiet break. Abby wanted to sit with her. Later, a young couple came in and sat a few booths behind us. Abby turned and waved excitedly to them....and then waved some more....and then wanted to know what they were doing....while pointing at them....and then, she just turned in her seat and watched them for a bit. Next, Abby decided that she didn't want to sit by Mama anymore, so she crawled under the table (ewww) and squeezed herself in between Nana and Papa. This not only made eating her fries and hot dog more fun (since Papa would play airplane with her food), but it also afforded her a wonderful view of what Morgan (our server) was doing behind the counter - Abby only needed to stand up on the bench and turn around to see.

As Nana would say: she wasn't bad, she was just busy. By the time we were heading out we were all ready - except for Abby. On our way to the door we had to stop for her to give Morgan a nice long hug - the kind where she wraps her arms around your neck and squeezes like she won't let go. We finally did make it out to the car, where she had a bit of a "fit", but finally settled down and let herself be buckled in.

The funny thing is that while I was in the moment - trying to distract her from chucking everything on the table to the booth behind us - I was doubting that there would ever be at time when I would take her to another restaurant, but now as I think about it, she wasn't too bad, and when she looked at me tonight, before she fell asleep, and told me what a great time she had - I realized that any irritation I may have felt was small in comparison to that.

"Here comes the up the hanger!"

"Morgan? Morgan?....Where'd you go?"

And yet another picture of Abby and ice cream.
I will say that she only had about 3 teaspoons of
this sundae - there was too much going on.

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