Saturday, July 28, 2012

Too Cute!

Aren't her teeth cute? I mean really...they're
How many of you have ever read the Wayside School books by Louis Sachar? If you haven't (and you either hang out with a lot of 3rd - 5th graders - or just have their sense of humor) you should. It is a wonderfully crazy story about a school that was built on its side - a school that has thirty stories, with one classroom on each floor (the builder was very sorry for the mistake). The book tells about each of the kids who attends class on the 30th story. One of the stories is about a girl named Rondi. Now, Rondi is known for how adorable she is - everyone is always talking about it. What makes her so cute, you ask? Why, it's her teeth....well, actually it's because she has her two front teeth missing. Everyone always talks about how cute Rondi's teeth are (the teeth that are missing, mind you) and it drives her crazy.

Now, I know what you are thinking: Why is she going on and on about this book? Well, every time I look at Abby I think of Rondi, because I can't help but think of how cute she looks - with her two missing teeth. It really is hilarious. She will be going about her day as normal, and then she'll look at me and smile and.... Bam!, I'm blown away by how cute she is.

If her adorable little face weren't enough, when she talks she just gets cuter! She's been talking a mile a minute lately anyway, but with her two front teeth gone, she's got this charming little lisp - which puts me in mind of another favorite character: Bessie Higgenbottom - of The Mighty B! fame. As you can imagine her absent teeth have sparked a new interest in watching one of her favorite shows. This morning I couldn't help but want to see the comparison, so we pulled out all of her Bessie garb and dressed her up. I think there is quite a resemblance, don't you?

Tonight as we were going to bed, we were watching a favorite Mighty B! episode. Abby, of course was quoting the show right and left - and spraying me in the face in the process. It may sound gross, but at the time it took all of my willpower to not laugh - it was SO CUTE!

I've noticed that her permanent teeth are already peeking through, and although I know that's what is supposed to happen, I really would like for her to be toothless for a little while longer - because (you guessed it) she's so stinkin' cute!

I know her face is a bit blurry, but I really love
this picture of her - she looks very grown up to me.


  1. Can't wait to see that tooth-missing smile this Fall. Miss Abby & the rest of the gang. Getting nervous/excited to truly meet the newbies too.

    1. Abby is getting excited as well, we've been playing a lot of pretend school and pretend bus lately - I think she knows school is just around the corner. :-)

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