Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Squeaky Clean

Now that my classes are finished for a few weeks I was able to come out of my literacy induced stupor and look around me. I was a bit disturbed by what I saw. Now, I know I'm not the best housekeeper, but - wow!

Today, I rolled up my proverbial sleeves and got to work. It would be easy to become overwhelmed, so I made sure to focus on one room - today I picked the kitchen. Now, I knew this would be easier if I didn't have to worry about Abby, but she so charmingly told me that she wanted to stay home today, so I kept her home and resolved to work around her.

While I cleaned under, around, above, (and a lot of other prepositions) everything in that kitchen, Abby danced, dressed-up, and pretend played her day away. Every so often she would come to find me and ask what I was doing. She loved the fact that I had the dining room chair in there, and insisted on sitting behind me as I stood on it to wash the walls. She joined in when I was steaming the floor, by grabbing "her" swiffer and getting to work. The best though, was when I was washing down the cabinets. She had come into the kitchen to tell me that she wanted to wear her bathing suit, more importantly, that she wanted me to get it for her. I was mid scrub, so I told her that I would help in a minute. She became inthralled that the cleaning was now at her level and wanted to join in. She found a rag and started "washing" a wall close to her. She made "shh-shh" sounds, like a spray bottle, and then stood back and told me to look at her work. That's when I really got a good look at her, the kid had been helping me clean totally naked.

Remember how she had wanted to wear her bathing suit? Well, apparently she was all ready to put it on - and I had been so distracted with the cabinets I hadn't noticed that the kid had been in the buff the whole time. I had to admire her moxie, because she was totally engrossed in what she was doing and was completely comfortable with the fact that she was au naturale.

I smiled a huge smile and let her think that it was because of the wonderful work she'd done on the door frame. At this point, I was almost done so I finished up and then we went looking for her suit, and got her clothed.

She was an absolute gem all day, and even let me spot clean around the lower level. As the week goes on we will be tackling the other rooms of the house, but for now, I'm happy with my clean kitchen.

Abby slipped off the chair this morning and
got a little boo-boo. She only wanted Pooh to
comfort her. Poor baby. 

She was fine though, and soon declared that
she was "all better now." Thanks Pooh.

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