Friday, July 6, 2012

Good News/Bad News

I am definitely one of those people that, when asked if I would like the good news or the bad news first, will take the bad news. Like tearing off a proverbial band-aid, I would much rather get the "pain" over and done with as quickly as possible - that, and leaving the good news to the end lets me focus on that. Therefore for today's post I'm giving you the bad news first. If you are one of those people who would prefer the good news first feel free to go directly to the "good" section.

The Bad News

Abby's sick. As is typical, she woke up about three this morning coughing and gagging as if she were going to throw up. That's when I began to wonder, and so I asked if she needed to use the bathroom. She did, and it soon became clear that she was having tummy trouble. From the hours of 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. we were up three times, and had one bath, to take care of sickness.

The Good News

First, Abby (and I) was lucid enough to catch any "sickness" before it made a major mess. There were no sheets to be changed, and although Abby needed a bath, the mess was wonderfully contained. Added to that, we had all of the supplies necessary for a sick kiddo. I'm sure that it was very good news for Jason - that he didn't need to do a 3 a.m. run to the store. 

Secondly, Abby was in a pretty good mood all day, and didn't even get too cranky when we presented her with limited food options. She spent the day taking it easy, by coloring, cutting paper, playing with Play Doh, watching movies, cuddling, getting a manicure (and pedicure), and generally being the sweet little kid she is. I know how very cranky I get when I'm not feeling well, so I was pretty impressed (and extremely thankful) with her happy mood.

Finally, she seems to be on the mend. These things have a way of clinging to Abby and so it is very good news that she is doing better and was her normal active self today. Tomorrow, of course, we will continue to take things easy for her, but I'm hopeful this is just a 24 hour bug.

Thankfully there are more "goods" than "bads", so despite the sickness we can count it as a good day - which is always a bonus.

Popsicles were a MUST today. With it getting up to 100℉
(at 6:30 p.m. no less) one priority was to stay cool. I should
have added that to the "good" news - we have air.
On another note, if you look closely you'll see Abby's
"snaggle tooth". It looks like we've got a wiggly front tooth!

Who knew "Word Girl" could be this engrossing?

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