Monday, July 9, 2012

Bathing Suit vs. Birthday Suit

Today I went for my semiannual teeth cleaning. I know this has nothing to do with Abby, but bear with me - it will. If you know me, you know that I hate going to the dentist. It isn't anything against them - in fact my dentist and his staff are probably the nicest I've ever seen. They never lecture me (too badly) about my horrible flossing habits, and they always remember to ask about Abby and how school is going. They truly are lovely people. I just hate what they do to me there. All that picking and scraping hurts. Now I understand if I were better about keeping my appointments it probably wouldn't be as bad, but I can't help avoiding it. So, today I psyched myself up and made myself go. By the time I was finished my teeth hurt and I was feeling sorry for myself. A good friend of mine (who also loathes those visits) treats herself to some ice cream on dentist days, and that sounded pretty good to me after an hour in that chair. I was sure that Abby had done something to warrant a trip for a sundae, so I picked her up from child care and we set off to spoil our dinners.

She was an absolute gem while she enjoyed her chocolate ice cream with chocolate "sauce" and whipped cream. She had a great time bouncing on the seat and shimming to the 50's music blasting from the jukebox.

Soon enough we were ready to head out, and as we pulled up to the house I couldn't help but think of what a nice day it was. After the heat we've been having, 88 and breezy seems like a cool spell. Not wanting to go in yet, I told Abby we could play with some bubbles. She was all for that, and had a super time blowing bubbles and popping the ones that I'd blown. I should have kept a better eye on her, but when she followed the trail of bubbles to the side yard I didn't get too concerned - silly me.

Before I knew it she'd made a mad dash for the pool. Now, Abby is quick - I mean lightening fast quick, so by the time I'd processed what had grabbed her attention she was halfway undressed. She'd seen the pool and decided that taking a dip was what was called for - it didn't matter that she didn't have her bathing suit on, she just stripped out of her clothes - all her clothes - pulled the cover off the pool and jumped in. Yep, my kid decided to go skinny dipping in the middle of the afternoon.

I explained to her that we don't go swimming without clothes on and she very nicely said, "Okay Mom" then continued by saying, "go get my swimmin' suit." So that's what I did. I got her suit and got her decent. She enjoyed a good swim until it was time to go to VBS.

I could go into all that she did there, but this post might never end. Let's just say she was her usual sassy and charming self. It was a wonderfully busy, and fun day - one that tuckered us all out. After a day like today, I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Abby excitedly waiting for her ice cream.

A pizza dinner at VBS - perfect for Abby.

One of the activities had Abby blindfolded and testing out
funny feeling "things" in a bowl. She was more excited that
she got to wear a "mask".

Abby watching the skit - this was before she decided it would
be more fun to participate. Soon enough she got up and became
one of the actors. Watching her made me think she may just have
a career in improv. 

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