Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcome Mr. Pet

About a week ago, Jason came home with a surprise for Abby - a mini fish tank. Abby was thrilled that we would be heading out soon to get her own pet fish. Today was that day. We all headed out to run some errands this afternoon and one of them was the pet store. I'd expressed an interest in including the fabric store on our route - after all we were going right by there, and to give Jason credit he did offer to drop me off and do the pet store on his own with Abby, but I didn't think his first experience with an "unfettered" Abby should be in a place where people were milling around with puppies.

As we pulled into the parking lot we saw a family, complete with the aforementioned puppies, getting out of their car. Abby was thrilled and was barely able to contain herself long enough for us to park the car. We got out with me reminding Abby that we needed to hold hands, because we were in a parking lot. Now, I didn't specify which hand she needed to hold, and I realized my mistake when I became distracted looking for the car keys so I could lock the car. Suddenly, she bolted, right to the couple behind us who were walking into the store, holding their darling black Shar Pei puppy. Abby grabbed the lady's hand, and she was kind enough to offer to walk Abby to the door, where Abby could greet the puppy nose to nose.

From there we went to look at the kitties and after having to catch her a few times, Jason finally hauled her up in his arms and we forged on to the fish section. Abby loved looking at all the fish and declared that they were all, "So cute!", but when a little guy came over to look at them too, Abby was more interested in him. With a, "Hi Boy!" she sidled up to him and looked over his shoulder. Soon he grew disinterested, and I had to step in, least she latch onto that family for the afternoon.

Soon enough we found what we were looking for, those lovely beta fish in their little lonely cups. Abby picked out a pretty blue one (that we read later has quite a reputation for being a big bully) and we were off.

We'd talked over some names, and since it was Abby's fish, she had the honor of picking it. When we'd asked her at home she decided that "Pet" was what she wanted to call it, but at the check-out she declared "Fishy-Fishy Fish" to be the best choice. As she sat in the car, cradling that cup, we asked her for a final name and out came, "Fish a pet!" So, that's his name, "Mr. Fish A. Pet, Esq." (I added the esquire - it just seemed to fit him).

Welcome Mr. Fish A. Pet - we hope you will be around for quite a while!

Abby insisted on wearing a fancy dress to the store - how else
are you going to let your fish know he's going to a good home?

In the car Abby looked at him and said, "Hi, Pet. I'm Abby."

The esteemed Mr. Pet.

Just watchin'

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