Monday, November 19, 2012

Change of Plans

Plans change. I've learned this many times throughout my years as a parent, and I suspect that this is one lesson that I will continue learning. Tonight we were to head out to have Abby meet a class of perspective teachers, the only problem was that at 3 a.m. this morning Abby made it clear she wasn't feeling well. Once again I watched my poor little peanut getting sick - and I felt helpless.

She is a trooper though, when the storm had passed she sat up and told me that she was "better now", and she requested that we read Goodnight Moon - which we did. She nestled in next to me and soon was sleeping soundly, more soundly than she had the last few nights. She slept in a bit (at least until quarter after seven), and had one more bout of the nasties, but she never let that get her down throughout the day.

Jason and I tag-teamed it. While I spent the morning with Abby, he headed to work for some meetings. Abby was particularly cuddly, at one point laying on my lap while I was knitting. Then, as I went in to do the afternoon in my classroom, Jason came home to be with her. Abby got her second wind at that point, but remained as sweet as can be. Once I got home she bombarded me with cuddles and kisses, and proudly displayed the "freckles" that Dada had drawn on each of her arms, so that she could be like him. Throughout the night she would periodically pause in what she was doing, just to tell me that she loved me. It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

Tomorrow, once again we will be home and recovering, and our class date is rescheduled for next Monday. Yes, plans change, but I've learned from Abby that that doesn't have to get you down - even when you are sick and sore when they do.

Little Cuddle Bug - fast asleep after a long day.

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