Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, to the Doctor We Go

There was a time when it seemed that Abby had a peretual cold - a time when there was nearly always a bottle of antibiotics in our fridge. I remember telling Abby's teachers last year, "If there is something to be gotten - Abby will get it."

Amazingly enough we've passed the first marking period before we needed to head to the doctor's office. Yesterday I got a note from her teacher asking if I thought she may have Fifth disease. She has been fighting a cold for a couple of weeks, and her cheeks the last few days were looking bright red, so I was a bit nervous about the possibility of something else to think about. Therefore we made the appointment and went to the doctor today.

She looked much better this morning, but was still coughing, so as we set off for her check-up, I wasn't convinced we were all in the clear. It turns out that she has a bit of green goop in her nose and therefore is starting a round of antibiotics, but the consensus was that her red cheeks and rash-looking spots had more to do with dry skin than Fifth disease.

Even though we are starting a round of antibiotics, I'm still very thankful because she has been so healthy this year. I attribute much of that to her new diet and the strict vitamin regimen we've kept her on.

Despite the fact that as I poured her medicine she covered her mouth and said, "Ewww, that's disgusting!" she still took it like a champ. That's my girl!

Abby's doctor is a smart guy, he's got wonderful chalk boards in the
waiting room - this is always something that Abby looks forward to.
Today she drew a picture of Dr. Tim.

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