Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ragamuffin Day

Today was a Ragamuffin Day - not sure what that is? Let me explain....

Ragamuffin Days

Ragamuffin Days are days for
lopsided ponytails,
mismatched outfits,
comfy slippers.

Ragamuffin Days are days for
"I'll clean that up tomorrow"'s.

Ragamuffin Days are days for
"fun snacks",
having desert first,
eating dinner last.

Ragamuffin Days are days when
everyone slows down,
nothing much gets done,
that's a-okay.

Every now and again
Ragamuffin Days are
my favorite 
kind of days.

For the one errand we had to run this was Abby's chosen outfit.
Thankfully it was one where neither she nor I had to get out of the car.
Here she is talking to Nana - because both Mom and Dad said, "No"
to pizza for dinner. She figured Nana would help out her cause.
Abby had some pudding after lunch - she apparently decided to save some for later.

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