Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Today was one of those days that was just really, really good - and much of that had to do with Abby. She has been so incredibly sweet lately. Today, especially she was terribly helpful. We started the day at my school, since Dad had a couple of early morning meetings. By now she knows the drill, and she was all set to play a game of checkers (chess really, but I'm not picky), so once we got in the classroom she walked right over to the game cupboard.

She was diligently setting up the chess pieces when my first student came in, and she immediately invited him to join her. He didn't need to be asked twice and as I walked down the hall for our daily staff devotions, I left her playing happily with my student.

I came back to find that more students had arrived and that Abby was in the center of them. She had been making a few notes in one of my teacher's guides (thankfully one of my students decided to switch the pen she was using with a pencil), followed by some important notes on the board. It was as she was showing me her work that I heard her say, "Look, Mama Valente." Huh? As she called me that a few more times I realized that as my students called me "Mrs. Valente" she was being like them. To her, when I was in teacher mode, I was "Mama Valente" - it made me laugh.

Once we got everyone settled (Abby included), we got right to our math test. Here is where Abby was a huge help. She was the one that passed out the test - and she did a wonderful job too. It was a bit trickier because since I teacher a 5/6 split in the mornings she had to only give the test she had to the 6th graders. She got it perfectly right. There was one extra, so I told her that was her test, and as the class worked silently, so did Abby circling words and numbers - she even put her name on the paper. At one point she also raised her hand and waited until I called on her. She then told me she'd found an "H" - I love that kid.

Soon enough Dada came to get her and take her to her school - where, apparently she was greeted like a long lost friend. Jason told me that he loves to take her to school because so many people greet her as they walk in. He said both adult and child alike waved and seemed excited that she was at school today. I love that.

We both only had a half day and so after I got her off the bus (from which she had a stellar report from Ms. Cathy), we had some lunch and played with some of her dolls. A bit later I asked if she wanted to help me with my knitting project. She jumped at the chance. All I needed to do was pin a few pieces I was working on, but we needed to go upstairs. I told her I wanted her to keep me company. She was game, and as I pinned that wet sweater, she sat beside me unraveling some spare yarn and telling me that she was making a sweater for Papa with it. She was excellent company.

The rest of the night was more of the same, she was just sweetness personified. We all are looking forward to spending time with family tomorrow, and then it's off for a girls-night slumber party with Grandma. We've got some fun days ahead and I know they will be made even more so with Abby along for the ride.

Abby actually let me curl her hair this morning and let me
get a picture of her. What a ham!
Here she is - working hard on that math test.
This is her "post test" - she went right to the reading corner and
got to relaxing - because she had worked so hard, you know.
She finally settled on a book to read. My oh my, she looks old!

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