Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today I got to thinking about how each weekday almost has a personality of its own. Monday is a bit cloudy, a little slow to get started. He is still running on the laid-back schedule of the weekend, but eventually he gets it in gear and does what needs to be done (with the help of lots and lots of coffee).

Tuesday is like the middle child, the one that sometimes gets passed by, and is slightly crabby and resentful about that. Sure, she isn't as dreaded as Monday, but sometimes she thinks it would be better to be hated, than to not be thought of at all. 

Wednesday is a middling day, generally a happy-go-lucky guy, who gets lots of praise for being half-way to the weekend. Not much is expected of him, he just needs to show up most of the time. He is completely average, and couldn't be happier. 

Now, Thursday, well, ......she sometimes gets a bad rap for being cranky and crabby - mainly because she's just so tired. The poor girl has worked hard, and it shows. She's worn out and could just use a good nap. 

Then there's Friday. Friday is the party guy of the crew. He's the one that whispers in your ear to go casual (because after all, you've earned it). He's the one that everyone loves, the one that everyone can't wait to see walk through the door. He's the one that has (happy) songs written about him, and his own catch-phrase - TGIF. Everyone loves Friday.

Now, what does all of this have to do with Abby? Well, take a look back at Thursday - the crabby, off day. Yep, that's exactly the kind of day that Abby seemed to have. I got a note from her teacher this morning that had me zipping over to her school to make sure she was all to rights. She was just fine and as Abby waved good-bye to me and trotted back to lunch, her teacher shared with me that she'd been a little off today - she was okay, but just struggling a bit. 

Once again I got that message when the bus pulled up. Apparently, Abby decided to take off her shirt during the ride - and then gave Ms. Cathy fits when she insisted that Abby put it back on. We had a few "talks" about that one.

Then there was the finicky eating tonight. It seems that she only wanted things that started with a "P". So it was pizza, "pippies" (chips), popcorn, and pudding - most of which she ate two bites and moved on to the next "P". 

It was after the argument during tub-time that I finally decided that what the kid really needed was to go to bed, so she was dried, dressed, and tucked under the covers. We did read a couple of books, but it was while I was reading the last one that I looked over and saw she was nearly asleep. And so, by 7:20 my crabby Thursday girl was out for the night.

Hopefully, Party-Gal-Friday-Abby will appear tomorrow.

She wasn't crabby all night, there was a few moments when
she helped Dada with the vacuuming.
This was the first paper I pulled out of her bag from today.
Neatness was not a priority.

But in the end she redeemed herself. This one is "Much Better".

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