Monday, November 26, 2012

Guest Lecturer

This evening Abby and I got the opportunity to be "guests" in a classroom of future teachers. Several weeks ago we got invited to come and visit the "Exceptional Children" class where Jason works. At first the invite was just for him, but he asked if we might bring Abby along - after all, one of the best examples of "exceptional children" is Abby. We were supposed to go last Monday, but then Abby got sick, so tonight was the night.

As it turned out, Jason had a meeting, so it was just the girls. I was a bit nervous. Even though they had given us a list of questions, I still didn't know what to expect, and believe it or not, Abby can sometimes be a handful. So we talked a lot about it beforehand.....and I bribed her with pizza on the way home if she was good.

I may have talked a bit too much about how we were going to "teach" a class, because when we got there, she marched right up to the front of the room, cleared her throat, and said, "Okay, I'm the teacher!" Luckily it was a small group, with a couple of other kids there as well, and they were casual enough to not be put off by Abby's take charge attitude.

Soon though she spotted the teacher putting together some paper crowns for the kids. Abby made the logical conclusion that it must be someone's birthday. When she raised this question, and discovered that it wasn't anyone's birthday, she put a crown on her head and declared it was "Abby's birthday....coming up." She then asked commanded them all to sing "Happy Birthday" to her - which those lovely ladies did.

This is how our "teaching" started - it was more like a crash course in Abby 101. Eventually we got around to the questions they had, but it took a while to get through them....because Abby was busy....very busy.  During the hour we were there she:

  • passed around her daily school work so everyone could see
  • led the class in counting
  • "typed" on the computer
  • traded glasses with the teacher
  • found a hidden noise-maker - and made a lot of noise with it
  • colored a picture on my phone
  • took pictures of the class
  • showed off some of her dance moves
  • drew circles on the board
  • and put on a magic show. 
Now that I think about it, it's pretty amazing that we got any talking done at all. There were a few moments when she got a little stubborn and didn't want to follow directions, but all I had to say was, "pizza" and she was all better. I tell you, bribery works.

Overall, it was a great experience. I got to share some of my thoughts and experience, but more importantly they got to see a truly exceptional child.

"Sing to me!"
This was after the "trading glasses" part and during the
"taking pictures" part - as if you couldn't tell!
Maybe it was being on a college campus, or the fact that
she had just successfully "worked" a room, but she was
quite independent as we left the campus tonight.
Sweet success!

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