Friday, November 2, 2012

Tumblin' Down

Our day started with a tumble down the stairs. Well...really it started with coloring princesses and "The Monster Mash", followed by a tumble down the stairs - let me explain.

Abby got up early. She's gotten into an exasperating habit of waking up mere minutes before my alarm goes off, thereby extinguishing any hope I might have of hitting snooze. She immediately wanted to start the day with some coloring, but continued to be frustrated when the app wouldn't do what she wanted. At this point I decided that staying in bed was no longer an option, so we got moving. Since Abby didn't have school today she would be coming to the child care at my school, but this wasn't incentive enough to light a fire under her tush. She had a pokey morning, until she requested "The Monster Mash", a new favorite of hers. Once I had that playing on my phone she was moving and grooving. She even requested getting her hair done (and some lipstick) as I got ready for school. It was when I was finishing up that she headed downstairs.

Now, I hate our stairs. Our house was built in the 30's and apparently they had smaller feet back then, because our stairs aren't very wide - and they are rather steep. We also have this crazy off-shoot that leads to Jason's and my bedroom about a third of the way up. This part is always tricky, and I've had a fear of falling at that point for years. This morning Abby, who is usually very good about navigating the stairs (because she usually goes down on her butt - smart girl), was heading downstairs from our room. She had Dora in one hand, and my "Monster Mash"-playing-phone in the other. I was finishing up my make-up when I heard some weird stomping noises. I turned to see Abby tumbling slowly to the bottom of the stairs. It took a second for it to sink in that she was actually falling down the stairs. I dropped what I was doing and ran after her. By the time I got to her she was on her knees - right side up - at the bottom. Luckily she is low to the ground, and didn't have far to fall. It still scared both of us and while she cried on my lap I tried to give her a once over. She seemed to be holding onto her hand and as I asked her to wiggle fingers, the tears continued to fall. After a tissue to wipe the tears, and some ice for the sore hand, she declared that she was all better - and thankfully she was. She did request a band-aid, and then took a few minutes to decide where she wanted it. She finally settled on her pinkie and then she really was good. Thankfully Dada aided in the cuddles and hugs and then helped us get moving and out the door.

Despite the rocky start to the day, Abby had a great one. Her day only got better - something I'm very thankful for.

Since Mom had to go back to school for a function, Abby got to spend
the evening with Dada. After her bath she decided to model Mom's night
splint. Doesn't that look comfortable for sleep? I guess it's better than heel pain, right?

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