Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Little Italian

As with many Americans, Abby's heritage is a big mash-up of several different European countries. While she gets some lovely German-Irish genes from me, she gets great Italian and Belgian genes from Jason's side of the family. This came to mind tonight as I watched her munching on a handful of pepperoni while she waited for the pizza she made cook in the oven. I couldn't help but look at her and think: She is so Italian! This got me wondering what other characteristics she shared with her Italian relatives, so I Googled "Italian characteristics". I found some pretty funny sites and lists (the best one was here), and I thought I would share some Italian traits that I found, and some I thought of, that fit Miss Abby to a T.

Family is Everything

When I think of Italians I think of great large families that get together often and would do anything for each other. If Abby could get together with extended family every day she would do it. Abby loves the family, and loves being around them all. She loves gathering with everyone in Nana's kitchen to laugh and enjoy the copious amounts of food. 

Express Yourself

One article I looked at mentioned that Italians tend to be "expressive with their emotions". I think I laughed out-loud when I read that. No one would argue that Abby is not expressive - in fact, there are many times when she may be a bit too expressive. There is never any doubt as to what Abby is thinking or feeling, because she lets you know - usually in a big way.

Pizza, Pasta, & Pepperoni - Oh My!

When I think about the list of Abby's favorite foods I realize that it is dominated by Italian food. I've never known her to say, "No" to pizza, and if you gave her a bag of pepperoni, she'd be a happy camper. She also loves pasta (or "noodles" as she calls them), with Dada's yummy marinara sauce. Yes, her dinner menu is dominated by the food of her people.

Maybe tomorrow I'll share my thoughts on the German-Irish side of her....that combination could be very interesting to explore.

Pepperoni anyone?

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