Saturday, November 17, 2012

Snappy Saturday

I've realized something, every time I want to do a "Friday Phone Dump", it's Saturday. I realized today, as I was snapping away, that Saturday is the day I can really get a lot of pictures of Abby, simply because we are together for more time. So, I'm switching it from a "Friday Phone Dump" to "Snappy Saturdays".

So here's our Snappy Saturday.

Abby declared herself "Fairy Princess Abby" as
our day began. Then she stared mugging for the camera.

Getting ready to practice her curtsy. 

This would be Bruiser looking pathetic - as only he can. He sadly
rested his face between my slippered feet and then looked over at
Jason, trying to get both of us to give him some love. He's so neglected, you know.

Abby was watching "Coraline" (hence the tunnel) and needed
a snack, so that came through the tunnel too. This just looks
terribly uncomfortable to me - but what do I know?

I really should have gotten this as a video, because her dance moves
were awesome, I'm sure you can imagine them though.

This afternoon Dada took Abby outside for some playtime.
I eventually came out and we went for some rounds on her bike.
She did a great job, until she needed to go in to use the bathroom -
I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking as she howled
because she couldn't keep riding her bike. After the bathroom we
went back outside, but she was done with the bike (so was I) and she wanted
to throw the ball around. I snapped this one just before she chucked the
ball - hitting me smack dab in the middle of my forehead - she did
give me a kiss to make it "all better" - at least there was that.

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