Thursday, October 11, 2012

Abby See, Abby Do

Abby has always been good at impressions. The other night, when I was enjoying some sushi for dinner she did a rather excellent impression of me trying to use my chop sticks.

Forget it...I'll just use my fingers - yep that's about how Mom
does it.

Or maybe I could just stab it with these things.
I thought I had seen it all, but tonight, after her bath Abby decided that she would do an impression of Bruiser. She started out by panting and then went into some howling, but then she did something that really got me laughing. See, although Bruiser and Abby are good buddies, when he wants some serious attention (or food, or a potty break, or....) he comes to me. Sometimes he doesn't wait for an invitation. Often, when I am sitting on the couch, chatting with Abby about her day, Bruiser will come and nose his way in between me and the arm of the couch. Now, Bruiser is a big boy, and when he wants attention, he wants attention. His "I-want-attention-now" move always gets Abby laughing hysterically - or maybe she is just laughing at my efforts to get him off of me. What ever it is, it's pretty funny.

Tonight when she became Bruiser/Abby I was sitting on her bed, helping her get dressed. As soon as she got her clothes on, and after she'd finished panting, she stuck her face and head under my arm and started laughing as she nosed her way into my side. That's when I lost it. She had him down to a T.

Yep, Abby has always been a pro at mimicking what she sees. It makes me a little nervous about how she "portrays" Mama when I'm not around....

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