Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have a confession: I love kid's movies. This weekend, while we were at the cottage, Jason caught me twice watching what he terms as "Abby Movies". I didn't correct his assumption that I was watching Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs. Aliens because I was missing Abby. I was missing her, but I also just like those movies. Not only am I constantly amazed at the technology used to create the films, but I also love the humor in them - they are so smart! I also like the fact that I know a kid's movie will end well. If I'm going to invest my valuable time in a film, I want to walk away feeling good. I can appreciate the work that goes into a gut-wrenching drama, but let's just say I've given up nearly every Kate Winslet movie ever made. (Have you seen Revolutionary Road? De-press-ing!)

Today was a big kid's move day in our house....afterall, the new Tinker Bell movie came out! Not only is it sad that I knew that, but I was looking forward to it. I know Abby loves Tinker Bell, and I knew she would be excited. So, after work I ran to the store (I had to anyway to pick up a few things....really, I did) and got her the movie.

She was very excited to hear she had a surprise when she got off the bus, and she did give an appropriate gasp when she saw the new Tinker Bell cover - I even had to help her wash her hands, since we had to do them one at a time so she could still hold onto the case. She was thrilled to sit and eat her dinner and watch the movie, but about halfway through she told me she wanted to watch "something else" What!? I had just gotten into it. (Spoiler alert) There was a huge storm coming and the Pixie Dust Tree was in trouble! We couldn't possibly turn it movie off at this point.

I did convince her to watch it a bit longer, and she did enjoy the ending (as did I - since it was a happy one), but I began to wonder if there was enough action in this one to keep her attention. After her bath she wanted to watch a little "Gascar" (a.k.a. Madagascar 3) with "Te Bois" (Inspector Du Bois) who had the "red hair and lipstick" - now that is one movie with plenty of action, at least I know the first hour does.....I've never gotten past that point.

Yep, I'm definitely a fan of kid's movies.....but kid's shows? Now, that's another story....

Abby got her "big book" out and did some reading about
winter clothes tonight - it got me in the mood for some snow!

Bruiser became the valiant steed tonight, but after the weekend he had, I
don't think he minded a bit.

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