Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wonderful Words

This weekend seemed to be a time of wonderful words from Abby. Yesterday she was a hoot when it came to one-liners and barking out orders. Today she was a sweetie, exuding an abundance of love. I thought I would share with you some of her conversational highlights from yesterday and today. Enjoy!

A Great Ride

Eighty precent of the time Abby is riding in the car with me at the wheel. Therefore she is very used to the way that I drive. So yesterday, when Jason drove us all to the movies Abby enjoyed a change of pace. Now, Abby has been known to be a bit dramatic, and she will "over act" from time to time, so when Dada took a curve that has us leaning to one side she saw her opportunity to really throw herself into it. She was having so much fun that I think Jason revved it up a notch, so by the time we reached the speed bumps in the park, much giggling had ensued. It was around that point that Abby yelled out from the back seat, "Whoa! It's bumpy!" and then continued after a great belly laugh, "I like this ride!" 

Apparently Mom drives like an old lady.

To the Dungeon!

It was during that same ride to the movies that Jason got a bit impatient with those that shared the road with us. In his defense there were a few people that were a bit clueless as to what was going on around them. In his frustration he let slip the s-word...."stupid". Abby knows this is a "not nice" word and so I had to cover my mouth when she told Jason, "Hey now, come on Dada." After he tried to defend himself she was finished with him. We heard her yell out, "Guards! Get him!" It seems that using the s-word will earn you some time in the clink.


Abby loves to tell secrets. She always starts them with, "Pst, pst, pst..." and usually they end with her talking about opening presents. This evening, before bedtime, I was finishing up an assignment that I'd spent the day avoiding. She was sitting at my elbow writing notes and trying to get my attention. Finally she said, "Mama, I've got a secret," and she pulled me closer so she could whisper in my ear. Expecting to hear the line about presents, I was blissfully surprised when I heard her soft breathy voice say, "Pst, pst, pst....I love you." 

That would be when I melted.

As a side note, Jason heard the exchange and it reminded him of earlier in the afternoon when I was trying to catch up on some rest. He and Abby were hanging out and he told me how she kept talking about how she "loves Mama" and how "Mama is so cute!" Yep, this one will keep me going for quite a while.

Beautiful Day

After finally getting my assignment turned in I was able to take tired little Abby up to bed. She looked beat. We had a full day today that started with Sunday School and church and included a trip to the toy store. We were both tired. 

As we arrived upstairs she got a bit of a second wind and requested some coloring before bedtime. I told her that she really needed to get some sleep. I asked, "Aren't you tired? I know I'm tired." As I pulled up the covers and we both settled in I continued, "Today was a tiring day."

"Today was a beautiful day," Abby shot right back at me. You know, that kid always sets me to rights. She was absolutely right, today was a beautiful day. Thanks Abbers!

Abby saw her opportunity this morning at Sunday
School and she took it. Here she is gearing up
for her performance.

Once she had the microphone and hat all was ready to go!

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