Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Busy Day

Today was a bit of a busy day for Abby. It started with school and a field trip to Safetyville, a local program for kindergarten and first grade where the kids get to practice pedestrian and traffic safety in a little mini-village. I can just imagine the fun Abby had tooling around that little town, and since she didn't come home with any tickets for J-walking, I can guess that she was a good girl.

When Abby got home from school we decided that a bit of a bike ride would be a good plan, and she did great. Every time I would remind her to keep pedaling, I would hear her yell out, "I am pedaling!", and indeed she would be. Once we got back to our house I let her go on the driveway, all on her own, without any help from me. She did well, but after a while it got a bit hard to keep going. She got discouraged.

But that didn't last long. Soon enough she got her spunk back and began pedaling with determination.

She gave me another sweet smile before going on to her next challenge...

....tying her shoe.

For some time now Abby has been fascinated with "tying" her shoes. She really is just twisting the laces, but she insists on doing it all herself. We've learned that when we want to get going we need to allow time for her to play a bit with those laces. Tonight I noticed that she's begun trying to loop and twist the laces as well. A sure sign that she's on her way to mastering another skill.

Then it was off to dinner. Tonight we went out and she was a great little eater. She also did a super job while waiting for the food. She even wowed us with a stellar printing of her name.

I love to not only watch Abby write her name, but also to listen to her write her name. Here's how it goes:
As Abby writes the "A" she tells herself, "Down. Down. Cross it in the middle."
As Abby writes each "b" she'll say, "Down and around, then touch the back."
And finally, comes Jason's favorite part, the "y", when she mutters, "Down. Up, and a monkey tail!" It is not only impressive, but terribly adorable.

By the time we got home Abby was ready for some snuggles and story time. Luckily, my class's book order came in today, and I'd ordered Abby some new stories, so we had a great time reading together about Curious George making cider, and Merida (of "Brave" fame) and her three brothers. Soon enough we were both yawning. In no time at all she was asleep, resting from her busy day.

And here I sit, tired as well, and looking forward to heading off to dreamland, because when Abby has a busy day, so do I. Is it really only Tuesday?

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